Senior Citizen Prom

Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy Impacts the Community


Heather Gammon, Editor-in-Chief

This past weekend was the final Impact project for the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. This is a new club at YLHS and it has made a significant impact on students, the community, and the adviser.
High school students desire an outlet to learn and lead. The Chick-fil-A Leader Academy engages students in monthly Leader Labs with a focus on important leadership skills that they will use to create student-led Community Impact Projects. Back in September, the students decided they wanted to host a Senior Citizens Prom. On Saturday morning, the students arrived at Sunrise Senior Center to decorate and set up the room for a 1920’s Speakeasy. It took the senior citizens all day to get ready for their big day, which included manicures and making headpieces. On Saturday from 3-5, 60 Mustangs gathered to host the event. The YLHS Jazz Band provided the music and entertainment for the senior citizens, Students served the senior citizens food, drinks, and good times. We even crowned a prom king and queen, a husband and wife who just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The senior citizens and the students danced the afternoon away.

We also had a photo booth with props to capture the fun. Many senior citizens came up to me to tell me how great our students were and how appreciative they were of having us come and host this special event. Freshman student Cameron Carlson said, ” I came thinking I would be making an impact on others, but left with a lasting impact on me.” It was a special day for all of us.

This event could not have happened if it wasn’t for the Leader Academy members; David Salinas, the manager of the Yorba Linda Chick-fil-A; Shea Runge, the Activities Director; Sarah Shay, club adviser. Band director, Bincins Garcia, also deserves recognition. He brought in the jazz band and made the magic happen AND he did it with a smile. In addition, Principal Dave Flynn deserves thanks. He has been a constant support of the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy the whole year. His presence at the Impact project was so special to the students and to the senior citizens. The students were so excited to be in the photo booth with the principal.

Truly, this event was a once in a lifetime experience and all the participants—both old and young—had their hearts touched. While not “academic,” this was a worthwhile lesson of service that YLHS students were able to learn.