MBA: Mustang Business Academy

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Jordan Coley, Sports Editor

Mrs. Waheed, YLHS’s business class teacher, and several students from Yorba Linda, have been silently putting their school on the map. While much of their success has gone unnoticed by other students, Mrs. Waheed has continued to push the business program forward. The class’s recent success should definitely not go unrecognized. The business program’s teacher, Mrs. Waheed wrote the following regarding her students’ success.


“This past weekend our YLHS Future Business Leaders of America chapter competed in the State Leadership Conference in Ontario California. Five dedicated FBLA members joined over 2000 members from all over the state to compete in different areas of competition all related to preparing students for college and career. I’m proud to say that our rookie chapter brought home second place in the Marketing competitive event and beat out over 30 teams from all over California to qualify for the National Leadership Conference!

Harshal Vaza and John State had placed at the FBLA Southern Section Conference which led them to qualify for the state competition. At the state conference, Harshal and John had to qualify for finals by taking a test on the subject of Marketing. Upon learning that they were one of the top five finalist teams, they then had to compete in a performance event. They received a case study and given ten minutes to prepare for their presentation in front of industry professional judges. They had to meet strict guidelines and answer questions from the judges. Saturday night at the awards ceremony they were awarded second place in state. They will be representing California along with three other teams in the Marketing event in June at the National Conference in Atlanta Georgia.
YLHS FBLA members Zack Co, Nick Ding and Sumesh Rawal also participated in various events. Sumesh Rawal placed in the top twelve out of over forty member in Client Services. In this competitive event, members/students were given a role play situation where they had to handle a customer request. Judges would act as retail customers with service issues and students were to handle the situation in a professional manner and satisfy the customers needs. It is a difficult performance event and we are proud that Sumesh made it to the finals. Every conference has a Shark Tank open event and every chance they get, Nick and Zack participate in that event, this time Sumesh joined them. Twice Nick and Zack had competed on their own and won against over thirty or more teams. And they did it again at state where there were even more teams to compete against! YLHS FBLA is proud that they have won every time this event has been at the conferences.
Overall this was an exciting and successful weekend for YLHS FBLA!  Students are learning and succeeding. It’s a strong start for our new FBLA chapter.
Last but not least, the business class students participated in CSUF’s Business and Economics competition in the Stock Market Game and Business Plan events. This is funded entirely by CSUF Center for Business and Economics. Mentors came to our business classes and assisted students in making trades, presenting and business plan development. The competition was held this past Saturday April 16th at the CSUF campus. Over 300 students were in attendance to compete in the various events and so were YLHS students Wren Thomasson, Marie Tobias and Christian Canzone. Wren and Marie presented their business idea in a 60 second fast pitch. They both agreed that the experience was challenging yet valuable.
Christian Canzone represented his team in the Stock Market Game competition. Over 2500 student teams competed in the competition and only the top 17 teams were invited to present their strategies. Christian was required to give a 3 minute presentation on the strategies used in making trades and developing the stock portfolio. I am so proud to say he won first place in the event!
These students did a great job and I hope you will join me in congratulating them on their success!”