French Exchange Students visit YLHS


Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

On the February 22, Yorba Linda High School was joined by four French visitors staying with four of our very own students. These students were Andrea Fleishman, myself, Anais Gomez, Lisa Mallat, and Mary Liu. The students stayed for one week. The trip organized by Mrs. Yakzan along with other teachers, gave the opportunity for students who were studying English to come and stay with an American host family whose students’ are currently taking French. We had four special visitors, Eva Tannouri, Mathilde Filippinin, Cassandre Hauperpin, and Blaise Glorieux.


This once in a lifetime event was incredibly special for all the hostesses. When asked what her favorite part of hosting Blaise, Andrea responded “He told me that I had made his time here the ultimate American experience, and that means more to me than if I had gone to France myself.” I most enjoyed seeing Cassandre enjoy local parts of Orange County as we discovered a variety of vegan cuisine. While here the students participated in a variety of activities such as touring the University of San Diego, Chapman University, Olvera Street, China Town, and art watching at The Broad. 

The opportunity was also beyond the imaginable for the French kids, as they experienced an enriching culture exchange. Among what was pointed out by our visitors, was the ever present sunshine, the beautiful setting surrounding Yorba Linda High School, the friendliness of strangers, the independence of classes, the attention to teachers, the cigarette smoke free air, and the lack of barbecues.

Cassandre Hauperpin said here favorite part of YLHS was that all the students were welcoming and smiled constantly. Over the course of the trip Cassandre said her favorite memories were going to Laguna Beach and the Hollywood sign hike. Blaise said he thought YLHS differed from his french school because it was big and beautiful. Eva Tannouri said she enjoyed the sun and beach bonfires the most, since when they left Paris it was freezing and raining. Mathilde Filippinin was most excited about practicing her English and getting to know the students at YLHS.

Overall, the French Exchange students experienced a positive trip that they very much enjoyed, and all said that they hope to return to the United States, and California especially very soon. The bond created between students and their host families was very strong and goodbyes were difficult. The YLHS French program expects to organize another French Exchange student trip for 2017.