Miranda Sings: ‘Haters Back Off’

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

Colleen Ballinger-Evans portrays a fictional character named Miranda on her YouTube channel. Miranda’s music videos, vlogs, tutorials, and other videos have made her social media career sky rocket. Her YouTube account under Miranda Sings holds nearly 6 million subscribers. Her videos have gone viral through various mediums of social media, making her an internet sensation. As her success grows, the opportunities continue to reveal themselves.

So, what can a regular video contain? Miranda’s character has a very bizarre wardrobe that consists of over-sized button up shirts tucked into bright red, high waisted pants — not to mention her vivid red lipstick that stains her lips and just about everything around her lips. Colleen’s comical character speaks with a very unique accent that contains minimal annunciation. Videos can reflect on everyday topics but all have a unique twist. Instead of having common content, Miranda expresses her emotions with eccentricity. Her flamboyant and peculiar attitude is what has made her YouTube channel more unique and appealing for viewers. Brenda Perez (9) says, “I really enjoy her sense of humour, it’s different than other comedians. I’ve been watching her for three years now. Again, her sense of humor intrigued me. She has various different traits in her personality that make her even funnier. And her voice is the cherry on top of everything.”

Due to her popularity across the internet, Colleen has been offered to take yet another step forward with her character. Netflix has offered to start a series based on Miranda called, “Haters Back Off.” This major opportunity to work with a large company really offers another leap forward for all YouTubers including Miranda.

Moreover, many other YouTubers as well as Miranda have published books that can be found across the nation. Miranda’s book is called Selp Helf. A trend can be seen with the new steps forward that YouTubers take because after one goes many tend to follow. “Because her name is well known she has a big influence that will open more doors to the YouTube community,” explains Alex Lee (10). Now that Miranda is beginning her own show perhaps this will pull more companies like Netflix and more YouTubers towards creating a streamable or television series.

Remarkably, today’s generation has created a whole new concept to the entertainment industry. Now anyone with a cell phone can create and upload a video that can possibly evolve into to something much larger. People could create an entire career from a simple YouTube channel.