Helpful Apps to Prepare you for FINALS!

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Photo Courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

The dreaded week that nobody at YLHS looks forward to has come, which is finals week. Finals week is evidently the most stressful week for students because they’re trying to cram everything in all at once and they don’t successfully plan accordingly. Time management, setting up an agenda, and checking things off as you go are some major key factors on creating less stress and more productivity. Of course, all of those factors can be very difficult to carry out when your brain is scattered. Nevertheless, we live in a generation full of excellent technology that can be surprisingly beneficial when it comes to finals week. Here are just a few of the many and many apps to keep you on track for studying and planning for finals.


1. Reminders

There is an app on every apple device called Reminders that most students don’t even know they have. Most students probably think it’s another “useless” app that apple gives you. Of course, this app is quite the opposite of useless. This app allows you to put in as many reminders on a checklist as you want and you pick what day, time, and how many times you want to be reminded. Apple’s official website even states “You’ll never forget a task again with Reminders.” So, you could type in all your homework and what classes you need to study for throughout the week. Even Julianna Thrasher (11) voices, “the reminder app from apple really helps me use my time wisely when preparing for finals and takes some stress off of me.” It turns out this app isn’t just another “useless” app apple puts on their devices.


2. Quizlet

This app is probably one of the most popular apps at YLHS, used by many students. “Quizlet makes studying fun, easy, and effective,” according to Quizlet LLC. On this app, you can create your sets of virtual flashcards and  play fun learning games on them. Also Quizlet allows you to share your study sets with others, so you don’t have to take time to make them. Mason Lindsey (10) states, “the fact that Quizlet is on the go makes its even easier for me to study for finals while on the go.” Evidently, Quizlet is very convenient and makes studying much easier.


3. Planner Plus

Planner Plus is basically a virtual planner/calendar app. This app has a layout of the whole month and week, which allow you to put any events you going on any day or time and add notes. Also it has a color coding option, so you could color code your studying according to your classes. Furthermore, you can sync it to all your devices(e.g. phone, computer,tablet) so it is available to you whenever and wherever. Now you don’t have to carry a huge calendar/planner with you everywhere.


Hopefully this somewhat helps you be more organized and ready to go for finals. Do your best Mustangs!