Doing Good: YLHS PTSA Student Leadership Group

The current Student Leadership Officers.

The current Student Leadership Officers.

Evelyn Chan, A&E Editor

Each year, the YLHS PTSA Student Leadership group fills up with approximately 130 dedicated, ambitious Mustangs ready to take on leadership roles in the community. At the group’s initial orientation, members are given information on the numerous events they will partake in throughout the year and members participate in icebreakers to get to know one another since they will be working together for the next 8 months. So, what exactly does the group do? Well, here’s a quick look into the events they contribute to-

Taste of YLHS: Every other year, the members put on delicious, fun-filled evening with entertainment and a wide variety of community treats which fundraises for our PTSA.

Mustang Madness: During the evening as basketball kicks off their season, Student Leadership members are always on hand to facilitate the event!

Staffulty Cookie Day: Home-made with love, over 1,000 cookies are distributed to the staffulty to spread holiday joy and show their appreciation.

Crittenton Services for Children and Families: Each December the members purchase presents and write letters to the children served by Crittenton to spread some holiday joy.

Creating a Leadership Legacy | Disney Youth Education Series: Right after finals, members use the day off to further their leadership skills and learn about future opportunities straight from the professionals at the dream capital of the world.

Valentine’s Cupcake Day: Right around Valentine’s Day, a group of Student Leadership members will come together and present the staffulty with a complete display of hundreds of Valentine’s Day-themed cupcakes to show our love and gratitude to all those working on our campus.

Mustang Pride Day: Each year, the entire community is invited to beautify the YLHS campus alongside Student Leadership members as team leaders. The Mustang pride truly shines in this wonderful day of community support.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: As part of the district’s Teacher Appreciation week, the group hosts a breakfast buffet full of pancakes, bacon, muffins, donuts, and much more as a token of our gratitude.

There are many other smaller-scale events that the group also partakes in; they sure do a lot to help out the community! Vice-President of Community Service, Marissa Stinnett (12), says, “The best part of PTSA Student Leadership is that such a large group of mustangs get together and try to better our school in every way possible. Pride Day is my favorite event that we put on, for in just a few hours, we leave our school sparkling!” Would you like to know more about the Student Leadership Group or how to become a member? Click here.