We’re All In This Together!


After 10 years, the High School Musical cast reflects on the impact of their movie. This was the cover of the first movie.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

“We’re all in this together,” these were the famous five words every child began singing ten years ago. Yes, High School Musical has officially celebrated its decade-long anniversary.

The first of the Disney trilogy aired on Disney Channel January 20, 2006. High School Musical was a big success for Disney Channel. The following summer, High School Musical 2 was released and brought in 17.3 million viewers. This made it the most-watched TV movie of all time. But the success did not stop here. To finish the trilogy, Disney released High School Musical 3: Senior Year; but instead of TV, this comedy music drama was released in theaters. High School Musical 3: Senior Year grossed $250 million worldwide at the box office, a record for its time for musical drama.

This Disney favorite launched the careers of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and many more. Since the movie premiered in 2006, the 5 main characters have appeared elsewhere throughout Hollywood.

A special reunion of the cast aired on Disney Channel on January 20, 2016; but an important cast member was not there. Zac Efron did not appear at the special reunion of the main cast members from the movie; he instead was promoting his new movie Dirty Grandpa 2. During the episode, the cast members allowed fans to view some of the original audition tapes and see how impactful the trilogy was on the stars lives.

Many students at Yorba Linda High School were excited for the special episode. It was a great way to finally bring a close to the chapter of the musical drama that captured all of our hearts. Carly Jenican (11) expressed her excitement saying, “I loved it but was kind of disappointed that Troy Bolten, well Zac Efron, was not there. Disney did an amazing job bring back so many childhood memories.”

Even though many are disappointed that High School Musical is over, the reunion episode was a big success for Disney Channel.