How to Stress Less

Daania Kalam, Photojournalist

High school is an endless cycle of studying, sports and extracurricular activities. At times it feels as if your brain is close to explosion from sleep deprivation and being overwhelmed. On top of this counselors, teachers, and parents have to constantly remind you that high school paves your road to college which determines your future. All of this swarms around your mind and pressures you until you eventually snap. The truth behind the matter is that many others around you feel this same pressure. Being under this distress can have physical symptoms such as, headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pains and issues with sleeping.


So how do you resolve this issue? There are many little things you can do however, part of it can be solved by changing your mindset. Instead of pushing yourself extremely hard and fretting about every minor detail, take a step back. Do not strive for absolute perfection because nothing is perfect ever. This doesn’t mean you do a poor job, but it means you put in the effort and accept flaws. Not only does this apply to one’s work but also to how one feels about themselves. If you feel under pressure and find a task challenging, keep your end goal in mind and how the outcome of the task will better your life. When you have this mind set it puts a value to everything you do and motivates you to reach that specific goal. Finally, when you complete that task you have a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing how this will impact your life.


Another way to help relieve stress is to complete a physical activity. When you work out your body releases endorphins, chemicals in your brain that act as natural painkillers. These also help one improve one’s ability to sleep which then can cancel out one symptom of distress. Prahbleen Kaur (12) says, “Some ways I relieve stress is I go for jogs and I love hanging out with my friends when ever I have the time. It is also important to have some me time kept for yourself”. A great way to alleviate the pressure is through friends often times they will know exactly how you feel from personal experience making you feel less alone with your struggles. Setting aside time for yourself is important because if you are constantly flooded with papers and things to do you will lose sight of yourself. Having time for yourself will help you focus on what matters most, you.


On campus there is a club to help if you are struggling with stress. In the club Jenny Nagel (12) explains, “we talk about what’s stressing us out, once it’s out in the air it’s not pent up inside. We blew bubbles last week and we’re playing with play dough next month. Just fun, mindless activities like that can help relieve stress.” With finals coming up this will be a time of great distress among a multitude of students, but with these simple tricks and tips in mind you can breeze through your finals.