Venturing the Great Unknown

California Edition

Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

It is often said that the world is your oyster, that life has so many opportunities for you to take. And it’s true! There is bound to be a place somewhere in the world for you to fit in and find your purpose. But in the meantime, in order to fully enjoy life and appreciate what it has to offer you, you should live in the moment. What better way to do that than to fully explore and spend time in one location: California!

Most of us has lived in California our whole lives and has been able to find the best hidden gems. Here, we are able to provide you a list of activities you are able to do in this Golden State:


  1. Put on some sports gear, grab some friends, and go hiking! (I highly recommend the Griffith Park Hollywood Sign Trail or Hermit Falls Trail. Both have some pretty amazing views.)
  2. Cruise down the PCH. Take a mini road-trip going from Laguna to San Francisco, or vice versa. The ocean view is phenomenal and you’ll have some pretty great memories with friends or family.
  3. Hit up the amusement parks for day! California has such a variety of amusement parks, ranging from Disneyland to Universal Studios to Knott’s Berry Farm.
  4. Dance the night away at some of the most exceptional venues. The best ones (that I think) are the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theatre, both in Los Angeles.
  5. Museums, museums, museums. Granted there are museums in every state, but California inhibits some of the most inspiring museums including LACMA, the Getty, the Broad Museum, and the Craft and Folk Art Museum.
  6. Of course, we can’t forget shopping! Recommended places are 3rd Street Promenade, Irvine Spectrum, and downtown LA.
  7. Visit local Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets! There’s a huge flea market at the Rose Bowl Stadium that takes place during the second Monday of every month.
  8. Go café hunting. Cute places would mostly be in LA or near the Orange County Beaches like Huntington or Newport!

When asked Sloane Osmers (11) what her favorite things to do here are, she excitedly replied, “Going to art museums or cute little places that no one knows about!” I asked her to elaborate on her hidden gems and she included the Top of the World (keep in mind, there are Top of the World’s everywhere). This little guide doesn’t give California justice, mainly because it was written by a photojournalist who’s lived in Southern California her whole life, but there are so much to do; it is just a little suggestion for those of you who want to be more adventurous (or are just bored). Tune in with me next time to get the next scoop of a beautiful state/city/hidden gem.