Let’s Get Ready to IMPROV!


courtesy of CSZLA.com

Nathan Shube

Last week, the Yorba Linda Comedy Sportz team played against the El Dorado team in the Yorba Linda Blvd. Series! It was a close set of matches, Yorba Linda winning 34-20 at home and Eldo winning 33-21 away. For those of you who don’t want to do the basic math, that makes our final score 55-53 Yorba Linda! This is the second year in a row that the Mustangs have trampled the Hawks, and they hope to continue their streak in the coming years. The match was back and forth across the two nights. On the first night, Eldo took an early lead in the first half, but the Mustangs weren’t trailing by much. The second half was much more one sided, and Yorba Linda took back the lead and continued to widen the game to a 14 point lead. Interestingly, at Eldo, the story was flipped. Yorba Linda took the lead in the first half, but Eldo turned it around in the second half and managed to secure a 12 point win.


Comedy Sportz players are always happy to play another school whenever they get the opportunity. Usually, the team plays itself, splitting up the players of the YL team. This makes it all the more special when another school can work with our team. It is a new experience to play another team, to get used to the styles of other players. They have to instantly bond with the players in the other colored jersey sitting across from them. The trust between the opposing schools’ teams is huge. There were several scenes in “Double Blind Freeze” where the players would be forced to carry one another, propose, hug, yell at, lift, or any other physical cooperation. Captain at the away match, Matthew Cyprien (12), said it was “a small room, full of larger than life people, laughing their heads off.”