Club Spotlight: Pastafarian Club

Pastafarian Club having a great time at club rush

Pastafarian Club having a great time at club rush

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

Pastafarianism is a social movement that provides a lighthearted view of religion. This is very much reflected in our school’s own Pastafarian club. Co-presidents Quentin Valencia (12), and George Abdallah (12), along with the vice president, Graeson Garrett (12), have chartered the Pastafarian club to help diversify the way clubs can help the community.


When deciding the platform of their club, they looked for a way that would not limit them to a specific form of contribution, such as only helping the poor, or only helping endangered animals. The trio wanted to establish a club that would be versatile in its abilities of involvement. When reflecting about other more serious religious groups on campus, these enthusiastic students wanted to provide a different atmosphere for students that desired a large range of connections with their community while still being high-spirited.  They came to the conclusion of Pastafarianism.


The food-based god would give an excuse to eat food during every meeting, a great incentive to gain members, while also allowing them the opportunity to feed the homeless. The Pastafarian belief of providing life would also extend the privilege of participation in blood drives which Quentin Valencia (12) mentioned “will not be held at school due to the provision allotting for only one blood drive a year.” In an interview with president George Abdallah (12), he clarified “the club is not associated with the religion and just uses some beliefs such as being against world hunger to promote the club.” He also brought up that the club will have guest speakers such as Swedish Chef, Chef Boyardee, Remy from Ratatouille, and the spaghetti monster himself.


Through the idea of Pastafarianism and the flying spaghetti monster, the founding members saw an opportunity to attract members through a comical way. Overall, they emphasized that the club is meant to be a way of giving back to the community in which students can remain their silly selves without hurting other people’s feelings.