Go B16 or Go Home


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Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

To freshmen, high school and its four year duration seem miserable. Daunting. Never ending. The years seem to drag and students everywhere wish to finally graduate and escape the house. However, that reality has come now for this year’s seniors.


For seniors everywhere, it is the last year of high school, which means it is the last nine months to try to complete every single high school activity available. It has come down to the the last first day of school, the last dance, the last football game. For seniors, their perspective about high school has completely changed. The years no longer seem to drag. Moving out of the house no longer seems as exciting as it used to. A sense of nostalgia has settled in as they all realize their time in high school is coming to an end. Kaila Labrador (12) states, “I can’t wait to graduate and go to college, but I am sad that I will lose touch with some of my friends from high school and that the football games and dances will soon be done with.”


With only nine months left in high school, many people look forward to graduating, but even more wish that they could still be freshmen in high school with four years ahead of them, rather than having to deal with the stress and pressures of college. Nonetheless, senior year is not just one filled with college applications and scholarships; it is one filled with fun, excitement, and joy because all seniors have a Senior Bucket List. Completion of this bucket list is what brings about the best year of high school. Here are some of the most common items all seniors want to complete by the time they graduate.


  1. Go to all the dances.
  2. Go to all the athletic events.
  3. Go to Senior Sunrise.
  4. Participate in Senior Ditch Day.
  5. Participate in the Senior Prank.
  6. Win a Senior Superlative.
  7. Get voted onto court for a dance.
  8. Be on Mustang Mix.
  9. Find your true friends.
  10. Try to make a lasting legacy for when you graduate.


Yes, senior year can seem intimidating with the unknown future of college, but it is not supposed to be focused on just that. Senior year is the time to be outgoing, to try new things, and to meet new people, so to this year’s 2016 senior class, congratulations and good luck to all of those trying to complete their senior bucket list!