Back to School Tips

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Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

Summer is over. The warm and sunny days spent lounging by the pool, the warm afternoons spent at the beach trying to fix all those tan lines, the mornings lost after sleeping in past twelve―these are all now nothing more than blissful memories or forlorn dreams.


It is time to get back to school. Back to the grind. Back to business. Whatever you want to call it, it is time to shake off the summer drowsiness and immerse yourself back into the world outside of your blissful bed. When asked about her thoughts on the impending continuation of school, junior Sidney Tran (11) perfectly sums up the general consensus with this simple statement: “I like going back to school to see everyone again, but I am not looking forward to the stress and late nights from homework.”


Students and teachers alike are anxious for the continuation of school. For students: homework must be completed, tests must be aced, reading must be done, notes must be taken. For teachers: new names must be learned, lessons must be planned, tests must be graded. For both: long nights must be expected, time and effort must be put in, Netflix must be turned off. This seems like a lengthy, endless list of tasks, yet have no fear: here are some tips on how to survive the return of the school year!


  1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! Procrastination will only lead to unnecessary stress in the end.
  2. Study for tests/quizzes. Reading over notes several days before the next exam or quiz will help you retain the information for more than just the next letter grade.
  3. Be yourself. Don’t change who you are just to fit in; the only people you should care about are those who like the real you.
  4. Get involved! There are more than several ways to stay involved around campus: clubs, athletics, sporting events, dances, theatre, band, orchestra, etc.
  5. Get a good night’s rest. You need at least six to seven hours of sleep in order to make sure you are ready to rock through the next day.
  6. Stay organized. It is easy to just shove papers into your backpack, but when the time comes to turn in those papers, teachers will not want to read a food-stained, crumpled mess. Have folders or binders on hand to help keep all materials organized.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try new things! High school can seem like a terrifying place, but branching out can help you find new friends and interests.
  8. Take breaks. You can only work for so long. Take periodic breaks to relax.
  9. Set goals. Setting goals helps motivate your efforts, whether that be getting good grades, meeting new people, or making the sports team.
  10. HAVE MUSTANG PRIDE!!! Dress up on spirit days, go to all the school events (sports, theatre performances, dances, etc.), cheer on the Mustangs, and never forget, “Once a Mustang, always a Mustang!”


Yes, going back to school can be daunting, but with these simple tips, you can have the best high school experience possible!