Grammar Abuse

photo courtesy of The Right Angle: This is a clear example when the misuse of your can detract from your posts meaning.

photo courtesy of The Right Angle: This is a clear example when the misuse of “your” can detract from your post’s meaning.

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Each day thousands of words are being abused by children, teens, and adults who do not know how to properly handle and utilize the words in context. Whether it is a comma error, misuse of an apostrophe, or simply using the wrong word, humans are beginning to ignore the traditional rules of grammar as the age of social media progresses.

It is true that sometimes it is easier and more efficient to abbreviate and use texting language. For example, it is a lot faster to type “gtg” than it is to type “I have to go now.” Society has accepted these abbreviations as a normal source of communication. It is okay to use these abbreviations; however, the problem arises over time when people begin to actually forget the correct grammatical term.

Thousands of comments on Facebook, Instagram comments, and twitter posts each day contain noticable mistakes that should bother people, but more and more individuals are accepting to ignore the errors and accept what is stated. Some of the most misused words are listed below:

  1. it’s, its
  2. you’re,  your
  3. to, too, two
  4. than, then
  5. there, their, they’re

You know you have seen these errors; they occur frequently everywhere on the internet.

Mr. Cadra commented, “Students know how important grammar is to me, and I think it is important to still use proper grammar on social media sites. We need to stop abusing and assaulting grammar. Even the rapid forms of writing should require the same amount of care and attention to grammar as the final draft of an essay would.”

Clearly, the abuse of grammar is a real and growing issue in today’s world. However, you can help end grammar’s suffering by using the correct form of words and proofreading your messages before posting them online. Surely, applying the traditional grammar rules to any written text makes that individual sound more educated and credible.