Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

The Calculus AB classes once again beat the Calculus BC/Stats classes for the fourth year in a row in the annual dodgeball game. This time, Mr. Peacock technically was on the winning side for the first time, however, since this is his first year teaching both calculus classes.


Every year, after AP testing, the Calc AB and BC classes hold a dodgeball game during lunch in the gym. This is probably the most hyped up event of the year, and almost every student taking these classes always looks forward to this event. For the past three years in a row, AB has held the bragging rights, as they have one every single dodgeball game ever played between the two classes since the start of this tradition.


With high hopes of winning the bragging rights for this year, Mr. Peacock even went so far as to allow the BC classes to have the aid of the Statistics class against the AB side. The majority of the students in BC believed this was their year; they had the athletes on their side and the numbers. All three classes became amped out for this game and made class t-shirts. The AB team could be seen all around the school in their neon shirts that read, “i^2, keep it real”, while the BC and Stats side decided to keep it simple with a black out.


BC students lined up on their side of the gym, faces painted, adrenaline rushing, and when the word “Go!” echoed about the gym, everyone from each side could be seen rushing for the balls as the stands full of people watched on in anticipation. Friends of students on both sides could be heard cheering as half the students cowered in fear and the other half threw bullets at the opposing side.


Eventually, it was down to senior Miya Sheker (12) to keep the BC side’s hopes alive against an AB side of about 10-15 students. Unfortunately, the people remaining on the AB side proved too much, and although Miya put on a brave face and a heartwarming effort, the AB side was able to get Miya out and win the game for the fourth year in a row.


Junior Cat Han (11) stated that “It was a fun game and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. I just wish BC was able to win for the first time!” Although AB yet again got the better of BC, the BC classes of next year will of course hope to vie for the title of Calculus Dodgeball Champions.