Apple Trade-In Program Launched

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Apple’s new Program is aimed to take a bite out of the Android Market.

Sarah Chen, Photojournalist

For the first time ever, Apple launched a new trade-in program. Aimed at non Apple products, the program allows owners of these brand phones to exchange their phone for credit towards an iPhone.. There are other programs similar to this, but this is Apple’s first step into this program to offer credit to rival phones.

According to CNN Money, it is unclear how much Apple will give towards each phone; however, it is subjective to what Apple Store Employees deem it worth.

Apple has long had a program that allows iPhone owners to trade in their old iPhone for a newer generation one, which started in 2013. Apple has previously offered up to $85 for a two-year-old 16 GB iPhone 5, but other sites offer up to $130 for the same phone. It is known that Apple will likely offer less than other sites like Amazon or Gazelle, as it is currently with iPhones. However, rumor has it that recycled iPhones are worth more than Androids, so you might not be able to trade in your Android for as much as you would hope.

“I’m not sure how successful this program will be,” says Connie Huang (12), a current iPhone 6 owner. “I love my iPhone, and my Android friends love their Androids. I don’t know if this will convince many people to want to switch over to the IOS system. Even if they do, it’s much easier to get more money from other places than the Apple store.”

This program was launched simultaneously in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Italy at the end of March. There is also a plan to launch the program in China later this month, although this is not confirmed by Apple. Also, Apple has made a statement that the credit from trading in phones will not be applicable to the new Apple watches, which made it on the market during the last weekend of April.

Nevertheless, this is definitely an effort made by Apple in the continuous war between IOS and Android. The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks eerily similar to the iPhone 6, as the designs and features are comparable. As the technology continues to advance and more features created, the cellphone market will continue to see the battle between the two systems.

It will be interesting to see the success of this program, especially with the existing program from other sources. For now, the Apple vs. Android battle will continue to rage as the phones continue to be modified to defeat the other.