Mr. Moore is the 2015 Teacher of the Year in YLHS

Robin Yoo, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School is proud to announce Mr. Moore as the 2015 Yorba Linda High School Teacher of the Year. The students voted for the teacher that they felt best represented the culture of the school. Announced at the Renaissance Assembly, the students went wild when Mr. Moore was announced the victor of the teachers.

“I feel very honored and proud to receive this award. I work with so many great teachers who could have been recognized, so this is very humbling for me,” said Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore has been a member of the Yorba Linda family for 6 years, with 38 years of teaching under his belt. He teaches World History and Sociology.

During his time at YLHS, he has served as a women’s basketball team. He has also coached the men’s varsity basketball at Esperanza High School. He coaches a total of 5 different sports, but basketball is his niche.

“I used to be a varsity basketball coach at Esperanza, so it was nice to transition into the girls’ basketball team at Yorba Linda High School,” said Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore said his most memorable teaching experience at Yorba Linda High School was conducting a marriage panel in his sociology class.

“It is very, very valuable lesson. Relationships are very difficult by nature and by having the students share their experiences, they learn that not everybody has the same experiences. So you get to see five or six different scenarios because we’re all different. That’s my favorite part,” commented Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore said ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is his life motto.

“Too many people are kind of stress buckets. They worry about everything. So worry about big things. Don’t worry about little things. Big things, like family, marriage, health and making good choices worry about big things. The little things will pass, but the big things are what will really matter.”