How to Apply for the Publications

Video Productions, Newspaper, and Yearbook


Nathan Shube, A & E Editor

The deadlines for the three publications are soon approaching (Video Production: May 1st, Yearbook and Newspaper: May 15th) , and many students new to the application process grow very nervous, finding themselves asking, “What is the best way to get into my desired class(es)?” Here are my do’s and don’ts of applying for publication classes:



1) Explain why you want to be in the class.

If it’s just because you think it would be fun or look good for college, then say that! Teachers appreciate honesty.


2) Express what you have to offer to the team.

What are your strengths and challenges. Nobody is good at everything, so what can you offer that no one else can?


3) Entertain your audience. Any non-written portion of the application should be original. Don’t copy what someone else has done. Taking inspiration or finding out what is most important to focus on is fine, but mockery is a big no-no.



1) Promise something you can’t deliver on.

It’s not fair to the teacher to lead him/her into thinking you are able to do something you can’t. Even if it helps you get in this year, it will certainly hurt you down the road as you find yourself unable to meet expectations.


2) Say what you think the teacher wants you to say. If you are trying to force an image of yourself that isn’t natural, it’s not going to help at all. Teachers can tell when a response is forced, so just tell it how it is.


3) Procrastinate on turning the application in. Everyone is going to turn their application in on the last day. Giving the teacher a few extra days to look at your application is a great way to make yourself look better. They will really appreciate it, and it’s less stressful for everyone involved.


Well, that’s it! Best of luck on your application. Being a part of Yearbook, Video Production, or Newspaper is a great way to get involved and really tap into all of the amazing activities, programs, and events that happen here at Yorba Linda High School.