Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Movie Review

Valerie Pham, Photojournalist

The second installation of the Divergent Series, Insurgent, was released into theaters on March 20, 2015. The Divergent series is the latest teen phenomenon following the footsteps of successful series, such as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.


Veronica Roth’s debut novel, Divergent was the first book in the very successful trilogy. The book series follows a young girl named Beatrice “Tris” Prior who lives in a dystopian society. Throughout the series Tris explores the bounds of the only society she has ever known. She discovers that she does not fit into a society that defines the people that live in it by their characteristic related affiliation with five factions. The faction system eliminates any threats of someone exercising their independence. Tris decided to join the Dauntless faction that she tested positive for in her faction test. Although the test revealed her “divergence” (she tested positive for multiple personality types/factions) she chose Dauntless, where she met Four, her instructor.


Insurgent opened up with the government’s elimination off all “divergents” and their supporters. Throughout the story line, Tris discovers several things in a world she thought she knew so well. Tris’ “coming-of-age” was tested throughout the film. Having lost her parents in the previous installment, Tris suffered from nightmares due to the guilt and grief she felt over her loss. The film circles around Tris and Four on the run from the villainous leader of Erudite, Jeanine. The duo searches for allies to help wage a war against Jeanine to save their corrupted society. They try to find what Tris’ parents died to protect and why Jeanine so badly wants it. They face insurmountable challenges in order to discover the secrets so safely hidden. The film is riddled with drama, action, sacrifice, and character growth.


The film adaption of the novel perfectly depicted the events that occurred in the novel. There was a great improvement from the first installment in the function of the storytelling logistics. The film was not as limited in the exposition of novel as the previous film had been. Granted, there were few changes in the story line, the directors stayed true to the events of the novel.


The film starred Shailene Woodley as the female protagonist, Tris Prior, and Theo James as the male protagonist, Four/Tobias Eaton. Shailene Woodley embodied the strenght and harshness of the character Tris Prior. Her portrayal of the Tris was quite accurate to the tough yet vulnerable disposition of the young girl. Theo James’ representation of his stoic and misread Four/Tobias Eaton brought dimension to his character.


The films reception is displayed through the millions of fans that went to see the movie. Freshman Valerie Do Carmo stated that, “It was a great movie showing how one person can change so much to make society better for us all.”