Senior Survival Guide: The Final Countdown

79 more days of true childhood adolescence. 1,896 more hours until the title of “High schooler” is no longer relevant. YLHS Seniors: this is it.


Although the anticipated race to graduation day has our seniors of the class of 2015 on their toes, motivation levels are at all time lows.  The days are numbered; yet, the number of senior students visible at school each day is noticeably diminishing, and the cause is evident: Senioritis. Depsite the mythological rumors regarding its existence, any senior can attest to this disease running rampant throughout YLHS. The struggle is always the same, how to combat the evils of Senioritis?? The only true cure is freedom; however, below are ten tips/solutions/alternatives to surviving these last tumultuous days.


Senior Survival Guide:

1. Go to school. Yes, I know that your bed is the only person that you still like in high school, but it is not going to keep in touch with you after you graduate.

2. Go to school sports events! You’re going to wish that you went to them all when you look back and cannot recall being a part of THE STABLE.

3. Avoid the “I don’t care anymore” attitude. Yes, you’re leaving in 2 and a half months. Yes, you do not necessarily NEED to get a 4.6 GPA this semester. But, who wouldn’t want to end their year with a bang?

4. Take advantage of the extra time that you might have.  Pick up those old, beloved habits, participate in those activities that you did not have time for during junior year.

6. Stressed about deciding on a college? Don’t be. Trust that EVERYTHING works out in the end. Do not let that one rejection from that one university dictate your attitude for the remainder of the year.

7. Be excited for the future, not afraid of it.

8. Although skipping weeks of school is no way to end the year, missing periods–maybe even days here in there is acceptable. Resisting the urge to miss is just too overwhelming at times, i feel you.


10. SPEND AS MUCH TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. These are the last months of the easiest years of your life. Take the time to appreciate them.