Foodie Shares: Homemade Food to Your Door

Ashley Niu, Photojournalist

McDonald’s. Chick-fil-A. Carl’s Jr. Again McDonald’s. What do all of these fast food chains have in common? Well, they are the largest fast food chains around the world and are located within miles of each other on Imperial Highway. Fast food seems to suit the United States with busy and fast-paced days and lifestyles which people enjoy because society enjoys the convenience and taste (mostly). Even at Yorba Linda High School, students always go to Chick-fil-A and Carl’s Jr. to grab something to eat ranging from a burger to a shake. Marcus Hingco (12) claims he “goes out to Carl’s Jr. for lunch almost every day,” and he continues that he gets most of his meals there. It has become prevalent amongst most families that people hardly eat home cooked meals that take three to five hours to prepare; it just does not happen in our society. Think about these scenarios. When was the last time you had chicken pot pie that was not frozen in a Marie Callender’s box? When was the last time your mother came home from a long day at work and made a home-cooked meal? Most of us probably would not be unable to recall these events ever happening relatively recently. It’s easier to go out to Chick-fil-A and order a chicken sandwich or better yet order pizza with delivery.


Casserole. Chicken Pot Pie. Meat Loaf. These homemade meals are not cooked very often in households these days because of time consumption. However, all these foods can be made and delivered with one simple download of an app. Foodie Shares is an app with a food sharing service that allows home amateur chefs to sell their food to anyone who wants to buy it. The system is regulated as chefs are vetted by Foodie Shares and join to advertise their meals with their price ranges. The chefs are not the average house wife because all of them have experience in culinary school. This expedient device can help families search and obtain homemade gourmet dishes more accessibly. Rather than eating McDonald’s three nights in a row, people can buy delicious meals ranging from $8 to $14 and pick them up at a setup location or have them delivered to their house. So, you can try a variety of cuisines from Brazilian to Indian. In one night, you could have South Indian style idles as the main course and green tea cupcakes as the dessert. Foodie Shares also accommodates to vegetarians and vegans such as vegetarian pasta and vegan blueberry muffins.


As of now, Foodie Shares are available to people near the Santa Monica and Venice area, but the owners expect to expand to other cities during the summer. Let’s hope Orange County will be covered soon and get some available gourmet home cooked food.