Radiation from Electronics

Radiation from Electronics

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

The 21st century is recognizable for the age of technological advancement and new inventions. Technology, such as phones, computers, and tablets have helped our society excel in in education, research, and communication. Electronics have definitely made our lives easier by making information and data easily accessible at all times. In this generation, children, teenagers, and adults have all become attached to their social media, games, and browsing. It seems as though individuals in this time and age cannot survive without walking around holding their smartphones.

Vincent Serrano (10) says, “I usually keep my cell phone in my pocket.” Almost every person in the United States carries an electronic device on their body, most usually a cell phone. Most individuals also sleep with their phones by their bedside or with a computer in their bedroom. Even though these devices are a huge positive development in society, these electronics can be extremely harmful to one’s health. All electronic devices contain a certain amount of radiation that has been  linked to numerous health related issues.

These are numerous studies being done that are connecting the radiation from cell phone devices to brain cancer, due to the amount of radiation that comes into contact with the head when talking on the phone. Although it cannot be seen, the radiation changes the brain’s chemical formula, a dangerous situation that has led to these studies.

Scientists and doctors have also warned consumers to not put your cell phone in your pocket. By putting your phone into your pocket, the phone is coming into close contact with the skin underneath the fabric. This allows for a great amount of harmful radiation to be transferred into your body.

So how can you prevent all the dangerous affects of technological radiation? The truth is, radiation is everywhere and cannot be avoided. However, there are a few changes everyone can make to reduce the risks proposed by expose. For starters, people should not put their phones in their pockets, use speaker phone instead of putting your phone to your ear, and turn all electronic devices off before going to sleep. Turning off the main source of wifi in the house before you go to bed can also help limit the amount of radiation in your home.