Dear Juniors


Katelyn Ruggles

Enjoying your last football games are one of the most exciting things to look forward to during senior year.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor-in-Chief

There is no doubt that senior year is one of the most awaited years in any teenager’s life. And it is probably one of the most looked-back years of any adult. Senior year is the moment you have been waiting for throughout high school and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in one’s life. To put into perspective the pleasures of senior year, here are the top 5 things to look forward to during your last year of high school. 

To kick off the school year, there is nothing like going to the last football games of your high school life. Football season is the ideal way to start off the excitement of your last year in high school. Nothing beats getting ready with your friends, cheering in the Stable, and ending the night with trips to In-n-Out or ice cream runs. Going to any sports event during your senior year has just a different type of feeling, but the thrills of Friday night football games tend to be the most thrilling. Before you know it, the season will be over and you will only have memories to look back on, so it is important to savor every moment and go to as many games as possible. 

It is a universal feeling to want to be a senior during the school pep rallies. Seniors always bring the most energy, and it is mainly due to the fact that these are the last rallies seniors will have. Being a part of the senior section during those times of cheering and excitement makes events like those so memorable. 

Coming up next is senior prom. Of course, all senior year dances will have a sort of bittersweet feeling to them, but there is nothing quite like senior prom. Just the exclusivity of prom for only juniors and seniors adds a level of excitement to the event, but more anticipation is added since it is the last school dance and one of the last major events of senior year. Senior year prom is always a major turning point in every coming-of-age movie, and while it might not be just like the movies, it is definitely a night you are bound to never forget. 

The week leading up to graduation is where it really sets in that you are a senior, and these few days are the last times you will do things associated with high school. Some senior activities you get to enjoy include senior breakfast, senior Disney day, and Grad Night. These three events are some of the most exciting experiences seniors will have during their last year of high school. Julian Lisboa (12) comments on this week, saying that “Disneyland and senior breakfast truly make YLHS students feel like they’ve made it.” This is the time when seniors can really reflect on the memories they have made throughout high school and continue to make some more lifelong memories in those three eventful days. 

Disneyland and senior breakfast truly make YLHS students feel like they’ve made it.

— Julian Lisboa

The last, and maybe most obvious senior year favorite is graduation. The sound of graduating might not seem the most appealing; you sit in the heat for multiple hours so you can wait for your 15 seconds of fame when your name gets called, only to sit back down and wait for the event to be over. However, graduation is much more exciting than that. It is your final goodbye to high school and your first step into the next chapter of your life, and there is nothing more unifying and comforting than taking this step with the people you have spent the last four years with. Of course, your family will also be there to cheer you on and witness this new chapter of your life begin. 

Senior year is undoubtedly the most exciting year of high school. There are plenty more enjoyable moments to look forward to, but these are just five of my favorite parts of senior year. Every year of high school has events that will result in meaningful memories, but there is nothing quite like senior year!