The Cloud That Follows You


Photo Courtesy of: designboom

Nikita Kheni, Photojournalist

Have you ever felt like you were under a dark, dreary cloud? Well having your own personal misting cloud is as uplifting as it gets in hot and dry climates.


The benefits of evaporative cooling have long been known in Dubai, the most populous city and emirate in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), one of the hottest parts of the world. Dubai is currently one of the world’s biggest consumers of power for air-conditioning with its vast shopping malls and indoor leisure centers.


One group of designers is devising a devising a system that uses motion tracking and ceiling-mounted misters to provide every pedestrian with their own cooling spray.


The Cloud Cast Technology is developing a mobile responsive cloud that follows people as they move under a canopy. The canopy structure has ultrasonic sensors embedded in it and as it recognizes visitors, it sends data to control system that activates hydro-pumps and LED lights in their own proximity. It is mobile responsive and is guided by a sophisticated motion sensing that creates a personal climate for each person that walks under it.


“I think it would be kind of cool to have your own cloud following you, especially here in California where we tend to have hot weather the majority of the year,” states Cassandra Scigliano(9).


Professor Carlo Ratti, the head of the team at Carlo Ratti Associati from Turin, Italy, that developed the Cloud Cast technology, told CNN, “It can cope with as many people as you want — whether it’s a crowd of people or whether there’s just one, there will be a misting spray, It’s also highly efficient because you’re not misting a whole space. If you create a more responsive climate around people, you can save a lot of energy by creating just a bubble of heat or a bubble of cool in which they can travel, you are just cooling a small volume around the person.”


The Cloud Cast is still at the prototype stage but it will be debuting at the Museum of Future Government Services in Dubai this month. Professor Ratti believes the evaporative cooler could become popular anywhere there’s a hot climate.