Seniors! Remember the FREE Money!

Sarah Chen, Photojournalist

Even though second semester means that seniors can sit back and relax until graduation, there are still things that need to be done. Every year, the scholarship money up to grabs by anyone go unnoticed and unclaimed.

The Counseling Office keeps a running list of scholarships that are open to YLHS students and updates it every week. The color packets are placed on the counter and Mrs. Ackland is always happy to point them out to interested students. These scholarships are often overlooked, which means that the free money is ignored.

Most scholarships in the packet are for seniors only, with a few exceptions to juniors. Some of the scholarships have eligibility requirements based on major and/or background, but the vast majority of them are open to any senior seeking post-secondary education.

“I’m trying to apply to as many of them as I can” said Kiana Tomeo (12). “They’re not too hard to fill out and I have more time now to do them.”

For most of the scholarships, the application is simple and very much like the college applications that were sent out months ago. Most of the scholarships also require an essay of some sort, but the prompts can easily be answered by variations of the UC and/or Common Application prompts. Overall, the process is simple and not many apply. The awards range from a couple hundred dollars into thousands of dollars.

There are scholarships based on merit or academic performance, future career goals, majors, extracurriculars and community service. If the scholarship is based on a particular focus, then the requirements will slant more towards that aspect. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity out there for everyone. In fact, many of these scholarships don’t receive many applications, making your chances of receiving the money much higher.

Juniors are also welcome to apply for certain scholarships, though the majority is for seniors only.

Seniors! This is an opportunity open for you! The money is yours to spend as want: textbooks, parking permits, dorm decorations, etc. Don’t disregard the chance to make some money for the next couple years.