Season 3 Outer Banks Review



The original poster of the Outer Banks before the first release on April 15, 2020

Natalie Waters, Photojournalist

In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, a new Netflix original was published on the platform. Within hours, the show displayed on millions of screens across the world, comments and opinions were posted on social media platforms, and people changed their clothes to be more like the characters. The main characters are Kiara, John B., JJ, Pope, Sarah, and Rafe. The story follows the rivalry between the pogues, the poorer side of the island, and the kooks, the wealthier side of the island. The main four pogues–Kiara, John B., JJ, and Pope–find something that could lead them to a fortune large enough to last ten lifetimes. The story follows their journey to attempting to find four hundred million dollars of gold from a sunken ship and the countless challenges they face along the way. 

First and foremost, I would like to warn you that this article will contain spoilers. Season one follows the pogues in their journey to finding the gold that supposedly sank with The Royal Merchant, but they find that the sole survivor of the sunken ship had taken the gold with him. They eventually find it buried under his estate over a century after his death. It is stolen from them, but they find another treasure: a golden cross. However, once they find the treasure, it is stolen yet again. This season, the Pogues are in search of the “city of gold,” El Dorado.

The cliffhanger of the second season was when Big John Routledge, John B’s father, was confirmed alive. John B’s father becomes a prominent figure in the third season. When Big John disappeared, John B’s world turned upside down. He went through all the stages of grief and when he finally accepted that his father was dead, he returned and his world flipped yet again. Big John introduces his son to his search of El Dorado, and constantly drags him into danger. He even hesitates to choose between his son and the gold of El Dorado, but ultimately chooses to save his son.

The newest season of the show wasn’t my favorite, but I still enjoyed watching it

— Emma Reiss

Season three takes a darker turn; the characters enter situations of serious danger, with armed guards and traveling into foreign countries, risking death each day to find this treasure. In my opinion, most of the appeal of the show from the start was the independent, fun, and exciting adventures these teens experienced together in their high school years. Without restriction from parents, at least for some of the characters. This show portrayed the life most teens aspired to live. However, this season changed most viewers’ minds about this subject. The fun, semi-lighthearted show turned heavy and violent very fast with this new season. 

Emma Reiss (11) shares her opinion that “the newest season of the show wasn’t my favorite, but I still enjoyed watching it.” Overall, this season wasn’t as attractive as the last two, yet still very entertaining. Outer banks has announced their renewal for a fourth season, and I can’t wait to see which exciting turn this show takes next.