California Gas Bill Increase


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Californians and Yorba Linda families are dealing with upcharges in gas bills this month.

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

January 2023 had families all across Yorba Linda staring in utter disbelief at their Southern California gas bill. With colder weather being very common this winter season, many families turned their heaters a little higher to compensate. What they didn’t know was that all across the state of California, the natural gas prices were rising. Inflation, soaring automobile gasoline prices, and now the enormous increase in natural gas bills has caused many families to rethink how they spend money. 


After getting the most recent Southern California gas bill, many people took to social media to discuss their bills. Online forums are filled with rage and disbelief, as well as sadness at their inability to pay. Many consumers sharing bills that not only increased dramatically, but most told tales of their bills doubling or even tripling! Across Facebook groups, Nextdoor apps, and Instagram feeds, customers are sharing grossly inflated bills. 

I heard my parents talking about the gas bill this month. It was crazy to hear how much it has been changing.”

— Carlie Nelson (11)

Many customers voiced concerns over their growing bills, stating that their typical gas bill was around $80 or less monthly, yet new bills were topping out at around $400 or more for the same usage. In fact, it only takes a brief overlook of the Southern CA gas company’s website to see that these claims are true.The official website states “An unprecedented cold snap across the nation in part has caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double between December and January – to the tune of 128% since December.  As a result, our customers can expect to see higher gas bills in the coming weeks,” warning consumers of their rising rates (NEWSROOMSOCALGAS). 


To combat the rising prices, most customers are now completely turning their heating systems off. Additionally, they are choosing not to use gas fireplaces and other gas-powered appliances. Families shutting down these ordinary appliances have led to the typical family home being significantly colder than normal. With the average family not being able to afford the increase in billing, homes are averaging around 60 degrees inside. With cold weather not projected to let up anytime soon, families are trying to cope with the cooler inside temps. One student, Carlie Nelson (11), says “I heard my parents talking about the gas bill this month. It was crazy to hear how much it has been changing.”


Keep an eye out for your gas bill this month and stay warm Mustangs!