Girls Chase Boys, Chase Girls

Advice from a Self-Proclaimed Love Doctor

A Valentine found on Pinterest which was deemed worthy by the Love Doctor.

A Valentine found on Pinterest which was deemed worthy by the Love Doctor.

Taylor Chelliah, Photojournalist

Ah, Valentine’s Day, that day we all looked forward to when we were children. Those days, we had fun making mailboxes while earning free candy and cheesy Valentine’s Day cards, which we thought were funny back then. Those were the days, right?


Now, it’s just a day that prompts the couples of the world to promote ‘Public Displays of Affection’ while all the singles either feel awkward watching them or begin gagging behind their backs. But more or less, you’re jealous because you’re reminded about the fact you’re single and the most fun thing you can do that day is to have a Netflix marathon by yourself while eating a tub of ice cream.


And that’s when it clicks. You finally remember the other name for the infamous Feast Day for St. Valentine. That’s right, Single Awareness Day. But, there’s no need to be down, because you are reading an article written by the Love Doctor, here to tell you what guys like in girls and what girls like in guys.


Over the span of a few days of relentlessly interviewing many girls and boys from our student body, I have deducted and processed the mathematics and science behind attraction for the opposite gender so all you have to do is read this article and keep this knowledge for life. Or as long as your high school career, either option is equally effective.


Now, since more girls openly express their want for a boyfriend, it’s only natural to talk about what they would like first. Every single girl I asked has told me the exact same statement in their interviews. They all like a male who’s taller than her. They want someone to look up to and to put it in more scientific terms, height equates to masculinity. Isabella Braseny (10) left a humorous comment by wanting a guy who is “taller than [her]. [She doesn’t] want someone who’s shorter than [her].” Now, boys, if you aren’t blessed with height, don’t sweat over it. There’s a good chance you’ll grow taller and there are plenty of shorter girls in not only our school, but the whole world.


More or less, most girls tend to go for boys who share similar interests, such as sporty girls leaning more towards athletes and smart gals go for the more intellectual fellows. In addition, a few girls like boys even more if they share the same ethnicity, social group, and personalities.


Plus, all the ladies love a guy who makes an awesome first impression and how they present themselves, because they feel like that is able to tell a lot from a person and holds the most potential to create that first spark. On this note, Maggie Shi (10) stated that “the first thing [she] notice[s] about a guy [are] his eyes.”


On rare occasions, you’ll find a girl who knows exactly what she’s looking for, down to every physical and mental trait and all that is missing is their dream guy’s name. Now, I’m not saying that you guys aren’t dream guys, but sometimes you’ll find a girl who is very adamant on her views. One particular case, Jessie Sardina (10), says that “[she likes] guys with broad shoulders and can carry [her] like a princess, and someone who can tell [her she’s] wrong in a compassionate way.”


Now, it’s time for what all the ladies reading this article has been waiting for: what guys look for in a girl. Out of all the boys I asked, only one-fourth of them gave me an honest answer, with the rest saying that they didn’t have a preference or they never thought about it.


As the Love Doctor, I’m here to tell you that those boys are liars. Every single guy has a type of girl he is attracted to, no matter how clueless or academically concentrated that boy says and pretends he is. To be honest, the majority of those guys who didn’t dare comment all have the same preference. They like hot girls.


Now girls, there is no need to be discouraged. Of course, most teenage boys like hot girls, but something they appreciate even more than attractiveness is their personality and interests. If they were given the choice between an alluring girl with a personality blander than toast versus a girl with average looks, but has an overall awesome personality, nine out of ten would choose the latter option, while the odd one out breaks up with the hot girl two days later. Nick Wheeling (10) promotes this by stating that “[he] value[s] attractiveness less than intelligence.”


With this in mind, girls, you should take charge and make the first move to talk to your crush because guys love confidence. Guys also love girls who aren’t posers and doesn’t try to change his personality and interests whatsoever. One boy, Ghevanni Madduma (10), comments that “[he] likes a girl who isn’t afraid to be herself around [him]. She’s able to accept [him] for who [he is].”


Now, girls, another thing you need to consider. Those one-fourth of the guys I mentioned earlier who answered my question actually do feel that way and aren’t part of the majority. That is truly their taste and the last thing they would like to be is to be judged with those boys who wasn’t man enough to answer. One person who truly summarized what all the boys who left a statement was Liam Quidore (10) who said he likes a girl “who is able to take jokes, [and yet be] serious. Someone who is kind, nice, and charismatic.”


Now, I hope this advice article cleared up some of the fog surround on the opposite gender’s preferences, and who knows? Maybe this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find someone who will share that tub of ice cream for that Netflix marathon.