Taylor Swift’s Midnights Era Run Down



Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, is coming out October 21 and fans are more excited than ever!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

“Taylor Swift is the music industry” (SONIX). Ms. Swift is known by the whole world. Her songs always seem to be charting, her outfits always on the front page of magazines, and rumors about her always seem to be spreading. To put it mildly, people are fascinated with Taylor Swift. 


Swift’s hard work ethic sets her apart from other artists in the mainstream media. Additionally, her versatility as an artist and her variety of music genres also make her unstoppable. Ms. Swift literally has musical categories for EVERYONE to enjoy, from pop, rock, folk, country, and alternative.


Taylor Swift finds a way to reinvent herself in every “era” she is in! Fans describe Taylor’s different albums/releases as eras, with each one having a specific color palette, tone, and overall mood. Now Taylor is entering her “Midnights era,” with the upcoming release of her new album! Fans have assigned “Midnights” with star shapes, dark blues, purples, and greens, tumblr style photos, fall/early winter, remembrance, and late night vibes.


Swift has a new and genius way to advertise/build hype for Midnights, her 10th studio album! She has started “Midnight’s Mayhem with Me” where she mysteriously reveals individual track titles from her new albums’ tracklist. She was able to reveal these track titles through short videos on her TikTok. In these videos, she uses a bingo wheel to randomly select a number 1-13. Then she would pick up a phone and whisper the track name into it. Fans eagerly tuned in to every episode, patiently waiting for the completion of the album! One student, Abby Huhn (12), says “I loved watching Taylor’s announcements! I am so excited for her new album. I’m sure she will not disappoint.”

I loved watching Taylor’s announcements! I am so excited for her new album. I’m sure she will not disappoint.

— Abby Huhn (12)


Ms. Swift also announced multiple vinyl record variants of the album! These variants are available in different marbled colors and all have different album covers. These colors include: jade green, blood moon, mahogany, and midnight blue. The back of the album sleeves also form a clock when all the variants are placed together. All are currently available on her online store. 


Taylor Swift never fails to use her genius ideas when utilizing viral marketing tactics, every time thoroughly impressing fans. “Swifties” know to look under the surface of anything Taylor posts. She is known for dropping subtle easter eggs within posts, outfits, hair styles, and aesthetics. Swift sure knows how to keep her audience engaged and on their toes; her “Midnights era” is no exception! Be sure to check in on Taylor Swift and see what is next to come with her new album Midnights, releasing on October 21, 2022, at midnight sharp of course!