The Success Story and Camaraderie of Yorba Linda’s Varsity Team in 2022-2023


Phil M.

2022-2023’s Varsity Volleyball Team has a strong bond that helps them get through challenges and be successful.

Sophia Jones, Photojournalist

The Yorba Linda High School Varsity volleyball team has been successful this year. They are doing well in league and the last league game was on Wednesday, October 12. The team is headed to CIF to compete with the top teams in the different leagues. 


The team is led by Coach Jaclyn Chavez and assistant coach Cayden Perkins. The team captains are Lois Hansen, Rowan Haupt, Abby Young, and Kate Jacobsen, who are known as great leaders that are kind and helpful to everyone else on the team. These players create an environment in the gym and on the court that makes the team feel together and work in unison, which is why all of their teammates voted for them to be team captains. 


So far, the team has had ten games and is 7-3 with losses to Foothill and Esperanza:

  • Lost against Esperanza 1-3 
  • Won against Esperanza 3-2 
  • Lost against Foothill 1-3
  • Won against Brea Olinda 3-1
  • Won against Canyon 3-1
  • Won against El Dorado 3-2
  • Won against El Dorado 3-0
  • Won against El Modena: 3-1
  • Won against Villa Park 3-0
  • Lost against Foothill 1-3


The last league game was against Foothill and Yorba Linda lost. Yorba Linda would have been in 2nd place for league and Foothill would have been in 1st place either way.


There is a very talented roster, including:

  • Lois Hansen (Senior, OH)
  • Rowan Haupt (Senior, OP)
  • Kaylee Freeman (Senior, MB)
  • Kate Jacobsen (Senior, MB)
  • Jade Gudzinas (Senior, MB)
  • Ashlyn Davis (Senior, MB)
  • Abby Young (Senior, L)
  • Sierra Block (Senior, DS/L)
  • Nikki Korneff (Senior, DS/L)
  • Madison Huey (Senior, S)
  • Makayla Gates (Junior, OH)
  • Delaney Renaud (Junior, MB/OP)
  • Bri Stotmore (Junior, OP)
  • Casey Cho (Sophomore, OH)
  • August Stys (Sophomore, MB)
  • Taylor Ditmar (Sophomore, OH)
  • Kyla Nishikawa (Sophomore, L)
  • Kylie Vaughan (Sophomore S/DS)
  • Sophia Jones (Freshman, S)


The team’s bond is amazing and we are able to come together in tough games and work together as one. Through wins and losses, we are able to learn more about each other and how we play together. We cry together, we laugh together, we win and lose together. Everything we do is as a team, and that is how we have been successful. We don’t focus on the I, but the we. Casey Cho (10) shares how special the team is, saying “Our team is an amazing group of girls where we all look out for each other and completely support our teammates.”

Our team is an amazing group of girls where we all look out for each other and completely support our teammates.

— Casey Cho (10)

Yes, we get frustrated in practice and in games, like every team. We may be feeling down on ourselves, but as a team, we can look to each other for support. Anytime someone is negative or down on themselves, we use the word “fajita” to let them know that they need to get it together and take a breath. We had a meeting and were asked to say a word that we could use to keep each other in check and stable. Abby Young said fajita was the first thing to come to her mind. This all works together to create the amazing camaraderie that the team has and love that all the players have for each other.