Zapping Bad Habits Away

Zapping Bad Habits Away

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

During a time of transition to the new year, many are trying to desperately try to carry out their new years resolutions. Some of the most common new years resolutions involve eating healthier, exercising, or quitting their bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes.

Consequently, there is a new high tech invention that is creating a great amount of buzz around the nation. This new invention is the Pavlovian bracelet, a device which is designed to literally “shock” a person when they are giving in to their bad habits. It was created by Maneesh Sethi as a way of reinforcing positive habits, like working out, by the means of jolting you in action.

So how does this Pavlovian bracelet work? The makers of this product have designed a system in which the owner of the bracelet personally programs their designated goals and actions, such as exercising more. With this programming function, the bracelet will send a light electric shock through your body if you do not get up and go to the gym during your designated hour. Using its sensory and motion detectors, the bracelet can detect when someone is still lying motionless in bed, indicating that they have not gotten up to go to the gym.

Additionally, one can pair the device with their iPhone, a feature that allows the bracelet to have access to one’s location, thus giving it the power to know if the owner should be shocked for not being where they should be. The Pavlok wristband has the unique ability to change someone’s bad habits of being late, not exercising, or going to a designation they do not wish to visit.

Customers describe the shock as a small jolt, large enough to persuade them to stop the triggering bad habit, but small enough not to cause any real pain. This new invention has had an enormous amount of positive feedback from its early consumers. Similar to many other Americans, Logan Kent (10)  declared, “I hope to fulfill my new year resolution of eating an overall healthier diet.” The Pavlok bracelet is designed to suit these exact customers, people who could use the aid of their simple piece of technology to change the lives of many citizens.

The designers and creators of the Pavlok bracelet hope to spread their new, high-tech bracelet around the nation, an act that is supposed to help Americans in their goal to fulfill their 2015 New Years resolution.