YLHS Sports Succeed in CIF


Emma Perron

So many of our sports teams did so well in their season, and making it to CIF is something to be proud of regardless of how far they made it along.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

This 2021-2022 school year has been a success for our sports at Yorba Linda High School. We have so many stellar athletes and teams that have won the league and gone to CIF. Some sports went further than others, but all sports teams did the best they could. 

Starting with fall sports, we have football, women’s volleyball, men’s water polo, women’s tennis, men’s and women’s cross country, and women’s golf. 

Football had an incredible season, being undefeated in league, 10-0. Our Mustangs had contagious energy throughout the season, which led them to CIF-SS. The boys had traveled to Bishop Amat. Sadly, the boys lost, but they had a good run and made our school proud. 

The second sport was women’s volleyball; they had an unexpected season that turned into history. During the season, the team defeated Esperanza for the first time, and after that, they continued to do well. The Lady Mustangs hosted the first round of CIF against Redlands, which was a close game. They lost, but they still made history for the school. 

Another sport that did exceptionally well was men’s water polo. They had done well in season and made it to CIF. Our Mustangs blew the first three teams out of the water. Their semi-final game was stressful and close, but they pulled through and won. The Mustangs had made it to the finals and won 5-4. The team advanced to the state but lost. These boys had a great season that was one to remember.

Our cross country program did terrific, with both boys and girls both going to CIF. Six people had gone to state for cross country. They all did well, and an honorable mention is Sydney Rome (11); she had placed 6th overall in state. Congratulations to our Cross Country Program. 

Our women’s tennis team had a great season, with it ending in losing in the quarterfinals of CIF. The Lady Mustangs made it to the quarterfinals by playing Sunny Hills; these players had fought hard and made a name for themselves. 

Our last fall team to make it was women’s golf. They did well during their season and competed hard in CIF.

Our winter sports – women’s Soccer, men’s soccer, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and Wrestling –also had tremendous success in CIF. 

Our women’s soccer program was league champions and made its way to the second round of CIF. First-round, the girls won 2-1 against Mission Viejo. They had a good fight in the second round but lost 0-1. Congrats to our women’s program. 

Our men’s soccer team did well in the season, leading them to play in CIF. The team had played round one. Sadly, they lost, but they put up a good fight, and they still were proud of all the work they had done. Parker Dalton (10) states, “it was such a cool feeling to go to CIF; we had worked hard all season and just to make it was so surreal.” 

Men’s basketball had a great season by fighting their way to CIF. They had won brutal battles and bounced back when need be. In round one, it was a close game of 64-70. Our Mustangs had lost but never stopped fighting to move on. 

Women’s basketball had an excellent season to be proud of. They made it to round one of CIF and won 43-36 against Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks. Moving onto the second round, they battled hard but lost 61-65. Good work, Lady Mustangs. 

Our last winter sport to make it to CIF was wrestling. This program did well and had a lot to be proud of. We had multiple students make it to CIF and perform well there. 

Our last season of sports is spring sports. Our spring sports were softball, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, men’s golf, women’s and men’s swim, track and field, and men’s tennis.

Our softball team made it to CIF for the first time in a while. They had won the first round and second round. They hosted the quarterfinals and sadly lost but played well. They had a great season to be proud of. 

The next sport is women’s lacrosse, which did super well and won the first-round 21-5 against Millikan. They had battled a close game onto the second round but lost 9-10. 

Men’s lacrosse had a great season and made it round one of CIF. They sadly lost round one but had battled hard. 

Men’s golf did very well this year and made it to CIF. Some players placed well, and the team should all be proud of themselves. 

Both of our swim teams made it to CIF, and they tried their best; they had a successful time there and should be proud of all the work and how well the team did this year. 

Men’s tennis had a spectacular season leading them to CIF, but sadly they lost the first round. 

The track is the last sport to make it to CIF. We had many events and people who went to compete with the best of the best. Many people did place but what meant more was that people had made personal records for themselves. 

All of our incredible athletes and sports programs did exceptionally well this year. They have made our school proud. Congratulations to everyone who made it, as all of their hard work paid off.