History In the Making For the Los Angeles Angels


Katelyn Ruggles

Pictured above is #17, reigning 2021 AL MVP Shohei Ohtani who has brought both hitting and pitching success to the Halos this season.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor

Calling all baseball fans… well Angels fans that is. April 7, 2022 marked opening day for the Los Angeles Angels. Unfortunately, the Angels trailed by 2 as they finished the 9th inning, losing their first game against the Houston Astros, but that was no preview for the historic season the Angels are currently having. 

Since their opening day loss, the Halos have won 19 of their thirty games so far, taking first place in the American League. To put this into perspective, this is the first time the Angels have been first in their league since Mike Trout joined the team in 2011. 

Being one of their most consistent strengths, the Angels offense has helped pave their way to the success they have found so far this season. You can not ignore the reigning MVP, Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani, as well as two time MVP Mike Trout, both contributing to the runs being scored for the Angels. 

But one of the main differences this season compared to previous is the cohesive teamwork between every player in the lineup. Not only are star players like Ohtani and Trout continuing to put up numbers, but players like first baseman Brandon Marsh and third baseman Anthony Rendon are stepping up to the plate, hitting where it counts and driving in those runs. The player who has arguably contributed the most so far this season is Taylor Ward, left fielder who currently leads the team with 6 home runs, coming second in the league with batting average. 

A change that can be pinpointed as the reason for the unstoppable force of the Angels is their improved pitching. The Angels have always struggled with pitching, being their downfall for countless seasons. With multiple new pitchers this year, including Noah Syndergaard and Micheal Lorenzo, there has been a noticeable positive change in the starting pitching. Adding these new pitchers to the previous lineup of Patrick Sandoval and Shoehei Ohtani, who has shown major improvement this season with his pitching, pitching a record high game of 11 strikeouts with no earned runs, opposing teams have struggled to break through these daunting pitchers. 

Thanks to this exciting season, fans are coming out to see the magic take place in person, accumulating crowds at these games that have not been seen in years. Kealia Amorin (11) who has gone to see one of these thrilling games this season comments on her experience, saying

The Angels stadium is an amazing family outing that I am never disappointed with. The energy from everyone happy to be there is positive and uplifting, and the Angels winning 3-0 was a perfect way to end the night!

— Kealia Amorin

One of the most motivating things a sports team can have is a supportive and energized crowd, and with the season the Angels are shaping up to have, games are bound to be sell outs in no time. 

If the Angels keep the momentum they have they can expect major success later in the season, possibly securing a playoff spot which has not been done since 2002. To all current Angels fans out there, continue to show this team the support that has been leading them this season, and to all new fans, consider tuning into a game to witness this historic season of the Los Angeles Halos!