Fresh movie review



The poster of the loveable romcom with a terrible twist

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

The new movie Fresh, is a strange movie to say the least. In the words of Emily Amaya, a 10th grader here at YLHS, “It’s a romcom gone bad.”  It starts off with Noa, a normal girl with a desire to find the one. She goes on a series of dates throughout dating apps, and all seem to just not workout.(Hulu)

But then, she meets Steve at a Grocery store, and Steve feels different. And for the most part he is this kind sensitive guy? So how could he have become a weird guy with an unusual appetite?

Let’s take a look at what seems unusual to say the least during the time we suspect, Steve could do no wrong. 

He starts off his date with Noa, by asking her normal questions like family, friends, and where she is from. But within these questions, he learns he doesn’t have much family nor friends and is from out of town, meaning she would be a perfect person for his job.

His job of course is selling people’s meat to customers, and keeping them alive in this process as long as possible.(Hulu)

So eventually on Noa and Steve’s third date, he decided they should go out of town. Why? To drug Noa and hold her captive, while he daily takes parts of her body.

Although Steve is convinced no one is looking for Noa, one person in particular is her best friend, Mollie.

Mollie becomes convinced Noa is missing after realizing the photo Noa sent was straight from the internet. Which in reality Mollie isn’t wrong? 

She begins searching for Noa, realizing Steve has a wife. Mollie goes to Steve house, where his wife and children are, to confront the wife and get more information of where her friend is. 

Only to end up being murdered, as the wife is inferred to be one of Steve victim that he had fallen in love with long ago, and helps get rid of Mollie.

Although Mollie is kidnapped, she did leave her phone location to a bartender, but will the bartender find Noa in time?

The movie ends with Steve beginning to fall for Noa. So when he finally ends up taking her handcuffs off? She takes her chance and stabs Steve, escaping saving Mollie, Penny ( another girl Steve kidnapped), and leaves.

Their run to escape is not easy though because Steve’s wife pretends to be one of them and attempts to kill Noa. Only for Mollie to kill her with a shovel. 

Which brings us to the topic of the danger of dating? Could this have happened in real life? Or is this merely just a fantasy?