Spotlight on the YLHS Women’s Lacrosse Team


Anvi Bhagavatula

The YLHS Women’s JV Lacrosse team breaking out of a huddle at the end of halftime.

Anvi Bhagavatula, Photojournalist

In light of the ending of winter sports, spring season has begun, and sports such as baseball, track and field, and lacrosse are starting. The Yorba Linda Women’s Lacrosse team faced struggles in the preseason due to the loss of their previous coaches. In mid-October, the search for a new coach began, and after almost three months of student-run practices, coach Jazmine Garcia, a teacher in PYLUSD, began coaching. Coach Jaz played during the first season of Women’s Lacrosse at YLHS almost a decade ago. While on the team, she discovered her love for the sport. After attending college and majoring in Geology, she decided to become a teacher, while working in the PYLUSD district, she learned about spot opening to be head coach of Women’s Lacrosse at YLHS, and she immediately took it. Although the team had a rocky start to the season, they managed to come together just in time for their first game.

The team’s first game, February 15th, against Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, started with Varsity leading a win, 8-2, but the gloomy drizzle surrounding the field slowly morphed into hard rain and hail, giving way to lightning and thunder. The risk that the lighting brought to the players halted the game, preventing varsity from continuing their second half and junior varsity from playing at all. Later that week on Thursday the 17th, varsity played against Corona High School and beat them 20-0 with goals from most of the midfielders and attack players. 

Junior Varsity played the following Tuesday for their first game against Santiago Canyon High School and lost 3-13. The team tried their best in the weather, but since the hail and hard rain returned from the previous week, it was difficult for them to play. Since the weather is getting sunnier, there’s a lot of hope that the following games will be easier to play in .

Just over a week ago, YLHS math teacher Mr. Aed (Staff) returned after a four year break from coaching to begin serving as the team’s assistant coach. He began training the junior varsity team on defensive plays almost immediately as well as the goalie on clearing passes during the game if necessary. The formation of both varsity and junior varsity with coaches for both as well as the distribution of spirit wear has allowed for the team to fully immerse themselves into the sport and season, even if preseason was very discouraging. The team’s morale is back to normal as Elena Morena (11) says, “Before the season I was definitely worried about finding a coach that would be good for the team, and if we’d even ever get to have a season. But honestly, I love our new coach, she’s doing so well and I’ve got really high hopes for this season. We’ve got the spirit and drive, and I think we’re gonna pull off an incredible season that we’re going to be proud of,” her statement is shared amongst the players, both new and old to the sport and to the team. Either way, the 2021-2022 season will be one to remember.