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Faith DeSio

The newest viral game, Wordle, takes the world by storm!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

In the fast-paced world of ever evolving technology, the use of apps on personal devices has sky-rocketed. With the 2020 pandemic limiting the kinds of activities deemed safe, the use of gaming apps propelled into massive popularity. Among these games, the website called “Wordle” has recently been taking the internet by storm. The simplicity and ease of use has helped make Wordle a 2022 phenomenon, with gamers of all ages enjoying playing. 

Students and teachers alike have found themselves captivated by this new viral game – Wordle. The word game focuses on a simplistic approach to traditional word games, with users trying to “guess” what the word is by filling in missing letters. The game is similar to Hangman and Lingo, with the instructions simply stating that the players must “Guess the Wordle in six tries.” Players must guess a valid five letter word, with the color tiles changing after each guess to show how close the guess was to the actual word. The mechanics of the game are simple and not new by any means, but the app seems to be just what the world needs right now, simplicity. 

With millions of users playing daily, the new viral game has taken the world by storm. This app/website lets players use their minds to receive streaks and advance their statistics. These stats can be shared between friends and family, creating competition amongst friend groups. One student, Mohammad Raza (9), says “I like playing Wordle with my friends!”

The popular game was released in October of 2021 and has been increasing in popularity every single day since. The game consists of different letter combinations and colors that give players clues to what their next word of the puzzle is. The objective of the game is to guess/figure out the puzzle of the six words. Everyday a new puzzle is released, allowing users to gain more streaks and become better at the game!  Part of the reason why this new sensation is so addicting is because players have to come back daily for a new puzzle. The game does not get tiring and playing only once a day can stimulate players’ brains and help with thinking in new and complex ways everyday!

This fun new game has also been played on many news channels and TV programs recently, even being featured in a segment on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. The game has literally gone viral! 

As the word game is fastly becoming a favorite, users agree that Wordle is here to stay! Do yourself a favor and jump on the trend! You won’t regret downloading this fun, simple game, and you might even learn a new word or two in the process!