How to Find Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways for students to find volunteer opportunities in their community.

Courtesy of the League of Women Voters

There are many different ways for students to find volunteer opportunities in their community.

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist

Volunteering is very important for high school students. Not only is it a graduation requirement for all students at Yorba Linda High School, it is also a valuable addition to resumes and college applications. Volunteering can also provide students with opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the world around them. However, some students may struggle to find volunteer opportunities.

Arguably one of the easiest ways to find volunteer opportunities at Yorba Linda High School is to join service-focused clubs on campus. There is no shortage of community service-oriented clubs here at Yorba Linda High School, and there are always events going on that provide students with a variety of different service opportunities. Students can join nationally recognized clubs such as Red Cross or Key Club, or they can focus more on making an impact at school through clubs such as PTSA student leadership. By joining a few volunteer-focused clubs and then by participating in service events, students at Yorba Linda High School will be able to get all of the service opportunities that they need and many more.

Another way that students at Yorba Linda High School can find service hours is to look for opportunities in the community that may help them explore potential careers. Students can start by searching on the internet to find opportunities that fit their interests. For example, students interested in politics can find service hours giving internships through local politicians; students interested in healthcare may be able to volunteer at local hospitals. With so many places that offer high school students volunteer opportunities in the local community, all students need to do is search the internet for local opportunities that interest them.

A final way to find service hours is by looking on the Yorba Linda High School counseling webpage. Under the counseling section of the Yorba Linda High School website, students will be able to access a pdf that lists many different community service opportunities that students may be interested in.

According to Madison Liao (11), “finding volunteer opportunities is really important because service hours are necessary to graduate, they look good when put on college resumes, and they can help people earn awards such as the Congressional Award.” If people look for service hours through friends, the school, and the internet, they will see that there is no shortage of ways for high school students to earn volunteer hours in their community.