Tis the Season of Giving


Katelyn Ruggles

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is when the person in front of me would pay for my Starbucks order, always brightening my day and encouraging me to continue the chain and pay for the person behind me as well!

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor

It is no denying that the holiday season brightens everyone’s mood. Celebrating the holidays with your family and friends, doing festive activities, and enjoying the cold weather along with holiday treats makes these times so special. Of course, the holidays are usually most anticipated for the gifts you receive because everyone loves presents. However, not only is receiving a special part of the holidays, but people feed off of each other’s’ love and kindness through the power of giving. 

Brett Barrera (11) talks about what makes people so much more giving during the holidays, saying that

it is almost like something is in the air making people more happy and cheerful that causes them to do more random acts of kindness.

— Brett Barrera


One of the best feelings in the world is when you roll up to the drive-through line, and the employee tells you that the person in front of you has paid for you. Not only does it make your day ten times better, especially if you were not having the best of one, but most of the time it causes a chain effect that continues throughout the day where people pay forward this act of kindness. 

These acts of kindness can range from paying for the person behind you as well, to spreading the love to other places like charities. During the month of December, fundraising organizations and charities peak in donations. Out of all donations counted throughout the year, 30% are donated throughout Thanksgiving to New Years. You see a lot more organizations live food drives for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners to those who may not be able to provide for one. 

The holidays are the time where people like to remind the ones they love how special they are by giving small gifts. Throughout school, you see friend groups give small gifts to each other to show how important their friendships are to one another and how they are grateful for each other. You also see students spread appreciation and kindness by giving gifts to teachers, thanking them for all the hard work they do for their students. 

As we start the last month of the year, it is the time to spread the joy that this season brings us. Of course, it is okay to enjoy things like opening presents and treating yourself to gifts, but it is important not to forget to share the love and spread the joy. It can be as little as reminding those around you how grateful you are to spend time with them during the holidays, to helping those you do not know personally through volunteer work and charities. Whatever it is that makes you feel the most cheerful during the holidays, embrace it and share the cheer with your loved ones!