Women’s Volleyball 2021-2022: A Season to Remember



Pictured above is your 2021-2022 Women’s Yorba Linda High School Varsity Volleyball Team

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor

Ranking first in league, the lady mustangs on women’s varsity volleyball had one of the most memorable seasons the school has ever seen. Winning 5 out of their 6 league games, placing first in the North Hills league, and moving on to round one of CIF, this season is definitely one you will not want to forget. 

Although the season may have not started on the best foot, with a 2-3 loss against El Modena on September 14, the Mustangs came to the next game ready to play, defeating Brea Olinda 3-1 later that week. The next three games played, the winning streak continued, have two sweeps against Canyon/Anaheim and Brea Olinda, as well redeeming themselves against El Modena with a 3-1 win. Saving all the excitement for the final game, all the pressure was put on the women’s volleyball team as they were competing for the lead spot on league as well as qualifying for CIF. Luckily, they pulled through once again, leaving the spectators on the edge of their seats as they squeezed through with a win of 3-2 against Canyon Anaheim. 

Of course, a huge thank you is in store for the seniors this season and the contribution they brought to the team’s success. This season there were a total of 10 seniors- Tori Noseworthy, Kaitlynn Smith, Abbie Muther, Kayla Gonzalez, Ellie Pietsch, Sydney Fried, Bri Jones, Alexis Talke, Aleina Morales, and Lauren Buhmann- and their leadership and talent was clear on and off the field, a large reason why the team was as good as they were this year. Rowan Haupt (11), a junior on the varsity team, expressed her gratitude towards the seniors, saying

The Seniors always made sure to include everyone in everything, on and off the court. I think it caused us to work hard for each other and have a successful outcome this season.

— Rowan Haupt (11)

Not only is a well rounded and dynamic team important for the success of a volleyball team, but the coaches also play a huge factor. Coach Chavez and Coach Lily were the backbone of the team this year, showing their support to the players and coaching them towards their victories.  

One aspect that contributed to this season’s success was the student support the team had this season. With the student section being filled during our home games, players have a new found energy to feed off of during the games. Creating this momentum also allows them to feed off of each other, starting rallies that will surely shut their opponents down. 

Even though the varsity team may have not made it through to the second round of CIF, the teamwork, determination, and drive they displayed on court made them deserve every single victory they got this season, and earn the title of league champions. The 2021-2022 Women’s Volleyball team showed others what it means to be a Mustang, and made Yorba Linda High School proud!