Festive Treats for All Holidays

Sara Kharazmi, Photojournalist

December 25th is Christmas Day, and is the most-known holiday during the winter. However, what about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa? These marginalized holidays have some of the most delicious snacks. Yummy treats are for all during the coziest time of year. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy snacking.

1. Sugar Cookies for Santa:
Santa needs a full belly before moving to the next house. In order to satisfy the jolly man, make a batch of sugar cookies and decorate with red frosting for the suit, and black for the belt. Add a gold buckle with more frosting and then, add white on the edges to complete the rim of the suit. Old St. Nick will definitely appreciate these thoughtful cookies decorated with his suit displayed onto a Santa plate with a glass of milk.
2. Pretzel Reindeer:
Grab some Royal Gold pretzels and cut them each in half. Then, take a chocolate covered doughnut and poke the pretzel antlers onto the top of the doughnut.Top it off with white frosting for the eyes and a red M&M ,in the center for the nose, replicating Rudolf.


1. Delectable Dreidel and David Cookies:
Starting off, make your favorite cookie mix. either dairy or parve. Next, cut them out by making a Star of David and Dreidel shapes. After forming them into something special like the examples, decorate with your favorite items like frosting, sprinkles, or more delightful ingredients.
2. Cupcake Menorahs:
For each menorah, make 9 cupcakes with the desired substitutes. Next, frost each cupcake. After frosting with the desired toppings, make a boat out of aluminum foil or a tray. Then, take the cookies and line up 8 on the display boat. The ninth will be stacked on top of cookies in order to make the Shamash, the center candle. Light up the cupcakes by inserting a candle in the center of each cupcake to have a grand display of the cupcake menorah.


1. Gingerbread Kwanzaa Cookies:
To start, make a batch of scrumptious gingerbread men and women. Let them cool and then add festive colored buttons for such an addicting treat to celebrate the harvest.
2. Ginger Cake:
Take flour,ginger,ground red pepper,sugar and butter along with water to make the cake patties. Afterwards, mix the dry ingredients together. Next, add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients formed now into a firm dough. Roll out into a floured board about ⅜ inch thick. Afterwards, cut into rounds, making sure the thickness is the same. Pop into oven for about 15 minutes for 350 degrees.

With all holidays in December right around the corner, make the delectable treats for the family and yourself. Have a safe and merry holiday.