YLHS Sports Recap


Karina Shah

A few Yorba Linda High School uniforms from the YL Wrestling team and Track team.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

MEN’S SOCCER–  The men’s soccer team was battling through COVID and injuries throughout their season, yet worked hard in the face of adversity. They finished 3rd in the league to secure bronze for YLHS. Overall, they took home 4 strong wins. 


WOMEN’S SOCCER  – The women’s soccer team finished 2nd in league and advanced to the CIF. Overall, these women won 4 games on the varsity level. 


FOOTBALLFootball-dominated league ending with a 5-1 record. In the end, the varsity team placed 2nd in league. Coach Bailey (Staff) says, “I feel we had an outstanding season, and being young, we are very excited about the future of Yorba Linda Football”. Coach Bailey goes on to mention their star players: Luke Roncevich (12)  offensive lineman and titled All-League,

Bryce Dunnuck (12) defensive lineman and lineman of the year for League, and Ethan Pocci (12) running back and 2nd for All-League.  


MEN’S LACROSSE  – Men’s Lacrosse finished their season being 2nd in league. Advancing to CIF, they beat Newbury Park in order to go onto to round 2. Their overall season record showed them securing strong wins going 12-5. 


WOMEN’S LACROSSE – Women’s Lacrosse had a longer season with a total of five big wins for YLHS. This placed them 4th in the Crestview League at the end of their season.


MEN’S BASKETBALL – Men’s basketball finished the season tied for a league championship.  The Mustangs beat out Esperanza in the end to qualify for CIF round 1. Their season record secured 7 wins with their best wins against Brea and El Modena. Coach Pietsch (Staff), points out star players: Jason Casacchia (10) leading scorer, Jermari Dixon (11) leading rebounder, and Troy Provenzano (11) captain of the team. 


WOMEN’S BASKETBALL – Women’s basketball finished the season tied for a league championship to Villa Park. Their season record showed them winning 6 total games. 


WRESTLING – Both the boys’ and girls’ teams were able to compete in 6 dual meets this season. The wrestlers performed well winning several matches across all weights. Coach Fortenbaugh (Staff) says “the Mustangs picked up several wins and ended on a great team performance”. He goes on to mention featured athletes: Tristan Wheeler (11), with only one loss in season and “hard work that has catapulted him to a new level”, and Karina Shah (11), “returning CIF place winner from last season, looking to qualify for states, and leader for the girls’ team next year”.


MEN’S TENNIS – Mens’ tennis finished strong with 15 wins in league. They then advanced to the CIF playoffs for round 1. Mason Bui (9), qualified for CIF individuals and will compete for YLHS on 6/9. 


WOMEN’S TENNIS – Womens’ tennis finished 20-4, coming out with a strong lead for league. They advanced to the CIF playoffs where they defeated West Ranch HS in the 1st round of CIF in order to qualify for round 2. They have 3 individuals who qualify for the CIF: Megan Cuan (12), Brionna Nguyen (11), and Anna Petrescu (10).


BASEBALL – Baseball finished the season in 2nd place and qualified for the 1st round of CIF. Coach Stine (Staff) talks about their “amazing wins against Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks and Villa Park”. He goes on to mention stand-out players Dean Toigo (12)  pitcher and center field/first base, Austin Rustice (12) batter with consistent .370 and leads the team in runs batted in, and Nathan McManus (12) top pitcher.


MEN’S GOLF – Mens’ golf finished the season 13-2 overall and undefeated in league (6-0). They placed first in league and qualified for the first round of CIF. In addition,  3 golfers qualified for CIF Individuals: Patrick Song (12), Brannon Fahrny (12), and Jonny Lewis(11)


WOMEN’S GOLF – Womens’ finished the season undefeated 12-0 (6-0 undefeated in league) and league champions. The women’s team had 2 girls qualify for CIF individuals: Natalie Neal (10) and Sarina Tayui (12).


TRACK – For the track team, Girls JV won the league title with leading scorers Karina Shah (11)– 54 points and Elise Stiefel (11)–  33 points. Track has 13 athletes that have qualified for CIF: Luke Bannon (12), Justin Ehrman (12), Gianna Gigliotti (10), Siena Palicke (12), Paulina Marroquin (12), Tara Boyd (11), Carissa Teran (10), Angelina Hellwig (11), Madison Gates (11), Hailey Johnson (11), Sydney Holland (11), Yasmeen Shah (11), and Gianna Stratton (10).


Cheer and Song – Cheer and Song competed virtually this year in “game day” divisions where they spent countless hours filming our routines over and over. They took first place in two divisions at the West Coast Championships: Crowd Leader and Bandchant. We took second place in three divisions at  USA Nationals: sideline, band chant, and fight song. Coach Shube (Staff) says, “the kids have shown perseverance all year, especially our varsity captains Janelle Casacchia (12), Karen Cutler (12), Lauren Lanning (12), Alexis Little (12), and Reese Willis (12)”.


SWIM – Swim had a short season but came out successful with 14 athletes qualifying for CIF individuals this season.  The athletes were Luke Davidson, Reese Jenican, Ben Palacio, and Toring Stanley on the boy’s side and Sydney Bell, Ruby Bittner, Alexis Brattain, Avery Darling, Zeeba Fatemanesh, Annalise Hopper, Stephanie Mao, Kendal Parker, Sofia Rubalcava, and Ava Snider


MEN’S VOLLEYBALL – Men’s volleyball has finished the season with 9 big wins for YLHS. They had a shortened season due to COVID-19, but they are continuing to work hard to prepare for summer and next season. 


SOFTBALL – Softball finished 3rd in league, taking home the bronze for YLHS. Overall, they secured 5 wins and are training for their summer league at the moment.