The Best Ice Cream in Yorba Linda

One of the many great ice cream shops near Yorba Linda is Blue Scoop Creamery.

Fiona Salisbury

One of the many great ice cream shops near Yorba Linda is Blue Scoop Creamery.

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda has many different places where students can go to get ice cream, each with something unique to offer. Since summer break is getting closer and the weather is getting warmer, students may find themselves wondering where to go in order to get the best ice cream around Yorba Linda.

One location that students may want to try is Baskin Robbins. This classic ice cream franchise is always a great choice, and the large variety of flavors makes it a location that anyone can enjoy. The Yorba Linda location offers many options to try such as sundaes, ice cream cakes, milkshakes, and more. For those looking for a well-rounded location to get a treat on a warm day, Baskin Robbins is an excellent option.

Another great location students should check out is Rich Farm Ice Cream in Placentia. This location may not be found in Yorba Linda, but if students do not mind going a little bit further to get ice cream, Rich Farm is an ice cream place that students should try. Rich Farm Ice Cream has a wide variety of unique flavors that sets it apart from other ice cream shops. The ice cream has a homemade feel to it that many students will likely enjoy. 

Oahu Shave Ice may not be the first place students think of when looking for ice cream, but there is still a small assortment of flavors that students can pick from. Instead of ice cream, the shaved ice is what makes this location stand out. There is a long list of shaved ice flavors that students can choose from, and this can be combined with a scoop of ice cream. This ice cream place is also conveniently located very close to Yorba Linda High School.

Blue Scoop Creamery is an ice cream store that students may also want to try. If students are looking to support a small local business, then this site is worth checking out. There is always a good selection of flavors to choose from, and some flavors rotate, meaning that students can always try something new.

The final location that students can try is Coldstone. According to Madison Liao (10), “The best place to get ice cream near Yorba Linda is Coldstone because their ice cream is really creamy.” Like the other ice cream shops listed above, Coldstone also offers many great locations. What sets this ice cream shop apart from the others is that they include one free topping with their ice cream, making it a great place for students who enjoy putting toppings on their ice cream.

Overall, Yorba Linda has so many great places to get ice cream. Since all of these locations have something that sets them apart from other locations, some students may struggle to decide where their favorite place to get ice cream is, while other students may have a clear favorite. Ultimately it is up to each person to decide where their favorite place to get ice cream in Yorba Linda is since there are so many great options.