Senior Signing Day


Collage by Karina Shah

Top left to right Sarina T. Luke R. Mason R. Sydney B. Sienna P. Sterling M, Morgan L. JB Seb Wyatt B.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

Sarina Tayui – Golf

Sarina Tayui is going to Hope International in Fullerton, California for Golf. When reflecting on her high school experience, she says “High school has taught me how the long game really plays out. Covid is something that none of us predicted but we all managed to keep pushing with sports and academics. That gave me a good idea of how to look at life and move forwards in it.” She goes on to talk about her vision for college and says, “I’m really looking forward to playing golf, meeting new people, and expanding my education in a field I’ve grown up wanting to learn! I am truly excited to see what comes in the next few years.”

Brannon Fahrny – Golf

Brannon Fahrny will be going to the California State University of Fullerton to play golf. 

Luke Roncevich – Football

Luke Roncevich is going to the University of California, Davis, located in Davis, California for football. His high school experience was what brought him to the place he currently is as he explains, “Highschool at Yorba Linda has been truly amazing; the teachers, coaches, and students, helped me immensely in getting to the next level to play football and study at a prestigious University.” He looks forward to his time in college, specifically, “I look forward to getting my degree and going on to help other people… similar to how Yorba Linda has helped me.”

Mason Randolph – Football

Mason Randolph is going to Boise State, located in Boise, Idaho, for football. Randolph talks happily about his high school experience and says “High school was awesome. It came and went really fast, but within that time I made lifelong memories with my friends and teachers.” Thinking about moving into college he says, “I am looking forward to playing football up at Boise and am trying to make an impact as soon as possible. A Lot of kids get up there and are willing to sit around until their opportunity comes, but I wanna get up there and start competing for a starting job!”

Sydney Bremer – Cross Country/Track

Sydney Bremer is going to Pepperdine University, in California, to run track and cross-country. She talks about high school as “a time for having fun, enjoying my youth, living every day, and making everyone smile in the process”. She goes on to talk about her feelings about college and says, “I am super excited to continue my passion for running and grow as a person with new experiences and faces at Pepperdine”. 

Sienna Palicke – Cross Country 

Sienna Palicke will be running at UCLA, located in Los Angeles California. Palicke mentions how her high school experience was “excellent” and gives credit to “the strong coaching staff and fast athletics” she “was surrounded by at YLHS and in our league”. She says that they helped her specifically to achieve the times that got her to the college level. When she thinks about her future at college, she says “I am excited to meet new friends and train on a collegiate level.”

Sterling Millsap – Soccer

Sterling Millsap is going to be playing soccer at Concordia University, located in Irvine, California. She reflects on high school and says, “High School soccer was the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my 4 years of high school. I met my best friends and had the most amazing coaches ever.” During college, she looks forward to “creating new friendships” the most.

Remy Ickes- Waterpolo

Remy Icke is going to Iona College, in New York to play on the Women’s Water Polo team. Ickes says “never give up, even when you feel like you aren’t getting better.” She talks about her high school experience very positively, mentioning that, “high school was definitely a fun experience being in varsity for 3 years”. She looks forward to her college experience with excitement and talks about how she can’t wait to go to New York.

Alyssa Vulaj- Gymnastics

Alyssa Vulaj will be attending Boise State, in Idaho, for gymnastics. She talks about her full scholarship with excitement and says “Im very excited to go to college and be a part of the athletic program. Moving out of state will be such a fun and great experience!” At YLHS, she “enjoyed going to football games, dances, and meeting friends.”

Morgan Lastinger- Softball

Morgan Lastinger will be going to Chapman University in Orange, California for Softball. She makes the statement, “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?”. She transferred to YLHS in her senior year and says “I was more than welcomed by the softball team”. She points out that her teammates were a significant part of the success that she had. In response to what she looks forward to she says, “I look forward to being a part of the softball team, meeting new people, and focusing on my career.”

JB Sebastiano – Baseball

JB Sebastiano is going to play baseball at the Methodist University of North Carolina. Sebastiano talks about high school and reflects, “I played varsity baseball for 2 years and loved being around my teammates and bonding with them.” For his future, he looks forward to playing at a higher level and “meeting new teammates”. He gives the advice to “work hard and make sure you are confident in your ability to play at the next level because you can do it.”

Wyatt Benson – Baseball

Wyatt Benson is going to Hope International in Fullerton, California for Baseball. When talking about YLHS, he says “My experience in high school was a great developmental process to get me to play in college.” He says that he always knew he was going on to play in college and says” I look forward to playing at a higher level to continue my passion… these 4 years of high school baseball were to prepare and develop college-level skills.”