Positives of Donating and Purchasing Used Items


The Goodwill of Orange County

The Brea Goodwill is in close proximity to Yorba Linda, providing low prices and a plethora of options.

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist

Basic necessities, such as clothing and toiletries, are frequent purchases. And with replacements needed often, the market for these essential items is constantly in demand. But with the financial, emotional, and physical crisis of this past year, the affordability and accessibility of these items may have been affected for local families. Thus, donation centers have become a resource for those who are struggling financially or are looking to save money. 


With multiple donation centers in the surrounding areas of Yorba Linda, many are able to have access to these low-cost stores for necessities and other desired items. And in order to remain in business, these stores, such as Goodwill and Savers, rely on local donations. With the willingness to donate clothing, household items, books, entertainment devices, jewelry, etc., our community can provide to those who are struggling, or to those who are in search of low-cost goods.


As the importance of used or older items can often be overlooked, it is incredibly important to remember that the items we may deem unimportant can serve as a necessity for another individual. Indeed, older items that remain functional and in good condition are still able to serve a purpose. Natalie Hamilton (12) is a donator to the local Goodwill store as she and her family “frequently gather unneeded items to drop off at the center.” By continuing or adopting this mentality, one could provide local families and individuals with affordable, essential items, rather than disposing of these items as garbage. 


With long lists of acceptable items, local donation centers will gladly take any items that you or your family are wishing to find another place for. And while many remain financially unaffected by the pandemic, it’s imperative to remember that not every individual or family is in the same financial position as prior to 2020. With the simple task of bagging and dropping off the items, one desires to donate, providing to those in need can be a simple task.


While I encourage our Mustang community to donate to and acknowledge the increased importance of low-cost stores during the harsh pandemic, I also want to explain the sustainability ingrained into the practice of donating the items one may wish to otherwise throw away. Instead of allowing these items to collect in a landfill, donating allows for others to own the same item another once did, establishing a sustainable cycle of utilizing the materials that have already been used to craft an item.


Not only is donating and purchasing from low-cost stores important for struggling members of our community, but the sustainability involved in the practice further emphasizes its positive impact. I encourage the Mustang community to be more active in the donation of goods to local centers. Without these generous donations, those struggling financially may not be able to afford the essential items that many overlook the importance of. Mustangs, remember to remain empathetic to the hardships we may not currently face, constantly finding a method of easing the struggles of one another.