Student Spotlight: Jamie Hauk


Courtsey of Jamie Hauk

Jamie Hauk (12) poses while hanging out with friends on the weekend before prepping for a busy week at school.

Emma Khamo, Editor-In-Chief

Everyone on campus can all agree that there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into our ASB class, but not everyone knows their names and truly how much work they put in. Yorba Linda High School, meet Jamie Hauk. 


Jamie Hauk is a senior here at Yorba Linda High School and ASB secretary. Along with being in ASB, she is also an active member of the National Honor Society, National Charity League, and CSF. Not to mention, that Jamie has thrived academically while always challenging herself with honors and APs classes while always getting great grades.


Throughout the past 4 years, Jamie has created a lot of memories, but some of her favorites include homecoming weekend during her junior year. This was her “first big event being in ASB, and the rally set up was so much fun.” She enjoyed ending that night with the football game, seeing her friends win Homecoming King and Queen, and says that ending the weekend with all of her best friends dancing at homecoming was perfect. Jamie also has a lot of fun memories in her culinary class and going to Disneyland to learn and experience the culinary parts of Disneyland.


Jamie has also participated in a lot here on campus and can proudly say that her favorite part about being a Mustang is always getting the chance to see her friends and find her niche. Jamie has created a lot of friendships from everything she is involved in and says that “we have so many opportunities at Yorba Linda and it has been so fun seeing all of us grow up and fall in love with activities and subjects that make all of our stress worth it.”


While being a Mustang, a lot of teachers and administrators have made a lasting impact on Jamie and her high school experience. However, one person that has stood out the most is her Honors Language Arts teacher during her sophomore year, Mr. Cadra, because “he is a very tough teacher, but still made his class fun. I learned a lot about myself as a student in his class, and he has continued to support me still since I have finished my sophomore year.” Mr. Cadra (S) had nothing but outstanding words to say about Jamie and he says that as a student, “Jamie is an incredibly talented writer, and it was always a pleasure to read her work in my class. Additionally, she is a very caring, honest, well-grounded young woman, and her positive character and spirit brings joy to any group she is a part of. “


Looking back at Jamie’s time here at Yorba Linda High School, she wishes she could tell her freshman self “to take every single opportunity you get to join extracurriculars and take fun classes because I have met some of my best friends and have had such fun moments these ways. you will never ever regret meeting new people”


When Jamie’s friends and peers were asked about the type of person Jamie is, Lauren Farer (11) says that “Jamie is the most thoughtful and genuine person that I have met. She always has the best intentions, is always hardworking and can get anything done, and tends to put others before herself” Similarly, Natalie Jamison (11) says that “Jamie is incredibly selfless. Her hard work and determination are inspiring, and she is an amazing friend and never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. Jamie has a very bright future ahead of her and I cannot wait to see all she accomplishes.”


Lastly, knowing that Jamie has a very bright future and will make us Mustangs proud. Jamie is looking forward to attending a UC school next year and she wants to stud biopsychology. Afterward, Jamie wants to attend medical school, however, she only hopes that she chooses a career that she is happy with. 


Overall, Jamie Hauk has made the very best of the high school experience and has ended things in her senior year very strongly. Not a day goes by where Jamie is not doing all she can to make the best out of every situation and finding solutions to every problem that arises. We are all very lucky to have Jamie as a Mustang and can not wait to see what the future holds for her.