How to Stick With a New Year’s Resolution in Quarantine


Sarah Lawrence for Vox

Planning our New Year’s resolutions can aid in effectively achieving them.

Paige Reddick, Photojournalist

With the start of the new year following the same circumstances of the quarantine of 2020, New Year’s resolutions are incredibly altered. With limited resources and the lack of available activities, our creativity must aid us in our devotion. When staying at home for a majority of our week, days can bleed into one another, disrupting any set routine. And while many suffer from a lack of motivation in quarantine, curating multiple small and achievable resolutions can disband any unfulfilled promises.


With travel-restrictions in place and multiple restaurants, tourist attractions, and gymnasiums closed, tangible resolutions are hard to work towards. Thus, resolutions must either be confined to our homes, schools, or certain aspects of our communities. With this confinement, we must find specific ways to create resolutions that abide by current circumstances.


Mental and emotional resolutions are not only effective but are imperative when maintaining a healthy mindset. New Year’s resolutions can promote the cultivation of our minds through self-betterment activities. For example, setting a resolution to journal each night can allow one to reflect on their day, inspiring an immense feeling of appreciation. Similarly, aiming to give yourself five positive affirmations each morning can increase self-confidence and love.


Another example of a resolution that promotes self-care and exercise is walking, running, or hiking! While quarantine does not allow us to visit our local gymnasiums or participate in most sports, certain exercises align with social distancing regulations. In Yorba Linda, many equestrian and pedestrian trails weave through neighborhoods, presenting the possibility for an increase in safe exercise for the new year. Janelle Casacchia (12) has created a resolution for herself to “take more walks with [her] dog, Brody.” She wants to be able to “spend more time in nature and maintain [her] health.” Exercise resolutions can still be completed while simultaneously staying safe, enjoying the outdoors, and taking care of our health.


Lastly, resolutions can still involve relationships. When spending much of our time in our homes, resolutions to deepen our relationships with our family members are possible. Likewise, friendships can still be evolved through orchestrated Zoom activities or socially distanced events. Phone calls and FaceTime sessions can fulfill resolutions to expand and maintain relationships. Because quarantine prevents face-to-face contact, our New Year’s resolutions can be tailored for the betterment of our social connections.


While our 2021 New Year’s resolutions are restricted by our current circumstances, it is important to find new methods to care for our health and wellbeing. I hope my examples and explanations are able to serve as an inspiration for you all as we transition into the new year.