The Great Turkey Rebellion of 2014


Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

On Friday, November 21, 2014, an unprecedented idea was proposed by Nicole Truong (11): a Thanksgiving feast was to be held in Mr. Walls‘ second period APUSH class on Tuesday, November 25, the day before Thanksgiving Break. The plan was largely ignored by the almighty Good Walls, as he doubted that high school students could commit to such a large task. However, three insurgents, Nicole Truong, Marissa Stinnett, and Rachel Toledo (11), covertly hatched a plan to make the Thanksgiving feast happen, because as Toledo said, “We love Walls, but having this feast for Thanksgiving, having this Turkey Rebellion was what we not only wanted, but needed. It was our ‘Manifest Destiny’!” So, a list was passed around the class. Students happily signed up to bring the turkey and stuffing (special thanks to Sammy Kassab (11), corn, dinner rolls, apple cider, pies, mashed potatoes and gravy, and other Thanksgiving essentials. A group chat was created for the 27 students. And thus, the Great Turkey Rebellion of 2014 was born, as Marissa Stinnet’s ringing declarations of  “We the Students of the Good Walls’ Second Period, in order to form a more perfect classroom, establish precedents, insure the best gravy, provide for the best teacher, promote family feelings, and secure the blessings of Thanksgiving to ourselves and ourselves only, do ordain and establish this Turkey Rebellion for the history of America” could be heard around the classroom.


November 25, 2014 thus became a date never to be forgotten. That Tuesday, Marissa Stinnett brought the festive decorations and table cloths, and the room smelled of Thanksgiving food. All the students brought their respective items, and a long table was filled with all the delicious food stuffs. Paper leaves were placed on the floor in a path leading from the door to the feast. The Good Walls stepped into the room with an incredulous look on his face as all the students yelled, “Happy Thanksgiving!!” The students gathered around the feast and Walls and a Last Supper and “Praise Walls” picture was taken with the meal. At 9:30 A.M, all the students stood and said, “We are all thankful for Walls.”  And on that Tuesday, The Great Turkey Rebellion went down in US History.


In the aftermath of the rebellion and during the feast, the Good Walls, as he slowly began to tear up, said, “This is why I became a teacher. This Thanksgiving is a once in a career thing, and it is why I teach AP classes: it’s for the amazing students. Thank you to all of you who helped put this together, and you guys can now probably take the title of all time best/most favorite class ever.” We all know what the traditional Thanksgiving consists of: family and friends, a warm house, and table fulls of food. At first glance, this Thanksgiving meal may not have seemed like the typical traditional Thanksgiving. However, this second period classroom is one of the tightest units on campus, and there most definitely was a family feel to this whole ordeal. Second period has one of the best teachers on campus in Mr. Walls, and his passion for teaching and his compassion and care for his students earn him an equal amount of respect and care from his students. So, the family, and homey feel present during traditional Thanksgivings was most definitely there, along with the abundance of food, and many in Walls’ second period can probably say that The Great Turkey Rebellion of 2014 was just as good as any Thanksgiving and will forever be remembered for all of AP US History.