YLHS Social Empowerment Club


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Paige Reddick, Photojounalist

As the tribulations of high school and teenage years remain, many are looking for an outlet. Whether in the form of sports, reading, drawing, watching television, or talking with a friend, activities offer us comfort in times of need. These outlets are monumental for our wellness, but the YLHS Social Empowerment Club provides more than just a task to direct away from hardship. 


I founded this club in 2019 alongside a friend with a similar mission: to provide a safe space for fellow students to discuss societal issues, raise the importance of self-awareness, and maintain wellness. While we were not sure what this club would turn into, we created it with a genuine passion for encouraging our peers to take care of themselves as they learned how to take care of others. Our attitude in life is a major determinant of our happiness, connections, and overall success, so we must strive for a positive outlook. We sought to emphasize the wellness of oneself as a necessity, explaining its importance in everyday life. Thus, the Social Empowerment Club began. 


Our meetings occur every other Thursday from 12:20 pm to 12:50 pm. In these short sessions, we are able to encourage the betterment of ourselves, while using this improvement to serve others. We focus on meditation, self-reflection, and advice exchanges to improve our own mental states and well-being. These meetings can include 10-minute meditation exercises, weekly reflections, personal positive and negative moments, stretching and movement, personal updates, and much, much more. Many of our members look forward to these activities to relax and unwind. Natalie Hamilton (12), a second-year member, personally enjoys our weekly reflection exercises as they provide her with a “time to relive the past week and appreciate [her] positive experiences.” 


Our meetings also include conversation as we discuss the best methods for being an outlet for others in our community or around the world. Determined to spread love and understanding amongst ourselves and our peers, discussion of communal issues is common. We aim to acknowledge any prevalent issues in our community, determining how we could cater to these needs best. We encourage volunteer work, conversation with individuals we might not know well, and the spreading of the positive messages we discuss in our meetings. 


As high school continually presents us with troubling times and sweet moments, it is imperative to learn how to overcome adversity and savor success. The self-awareness techniques and conversations with peers in our meetings teach our members how to celebrate the good moments while learning from the bad. Everyone has a place in the Social Empowerment Club, and everyone is welcomed with open arms. Through these meetings, we hope that our members can learn more about themselves and their classmates, prompting them to take care of their own well-being while striving to care for the well-being of others. We must first love ourselves before we love others! Any Mustang who desires to be a part of an inspiring group of individuals focused on spreading love and understanding should consider joining the YLHS Social Empowerment Club (@ylhssocialempowerment on Instagram).