Dylan Shube: New ASB Diversity Commissioner


Courtesy of Dylan Shube

Dylan Shube (11) serves as the first ever ASB Diversity Commissioner for Yorba Linda High School.

Hayden MacDonald, Photojournalist

As our world is continually changing to grow more inclusive of new beliefs, ideas, and philosophies, it is also becoming more accepting of people’s differences pertaining to race, gender, sexuality, or political affiliation. Although our world is moving forward, there is still widespread suppression and marginalization of many minority groups. 

This strive for diversity has become a major political subject as minority groups across the country such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and women strive for social equality to the other citizens of this country. With tensions mounting, these groups are roaring to the forefront of the political/social scene and demanding equality now!

This year, ASB has created a new position of Diversity Commissioner in order to help promote diversity both on and off campus to create a safe and inclusive space for all students. Junior, Dylan Shube (11), is the first ASB student to hold this position and believes the school has been waiting long enough for a position such as this.

When asked what diversity means to him, Dylan stated, “ it means more than just one’s group identity” and rather, “each individual’s outlook on life and how their actions and environment play a role in their life experience.” Although students come from unique backgrounds and perspectives, their choices of how they live their lives and treat others define their unique positions in society and the school.

Dylan believes the best methods to instill diversity in the school is to get more students involved in school activities and to provide greater publicity of the many unique clubs and programs offered on campus. His biggest issue is to create a safe environment for all students to participate in school as many students feel left out of school activities due to feeling different from their peers. 

Although it may be difficult for many to find their specific place at Yorba Linda, there are dozens of facets and unique opportunities available to all students. Sports, clubs, academies, and the arts are only a few of the incredible ways to become involved as a mustang. 

Many students believe it is easier to blend it and be one in the crowd, but it should be encouraged to be unique and different from others. No two people are alike and they should not feel obligated to be like everyone else. Your individuality and experiences are valuable to others who may not understand the same challenges that you are facing whether at school, work, or home.  

Dylan believes that sharing your personal experiences produces greater understanding and support from other students who have encountered hardships themselves. Emphasis on discussion allows for those who have been silent to be heard and represented equally on campus and in the community. Fostering a culture based on inclusivity and diversity motivates students to become more involved in their school environment. 

As Club Rush approaches October 1 and 2, Yorba Linda High School now offers an unprecedented amount of political and social clubs urging representation for all groups. Along with the Clubs Commissioner, Rex Sloniger (12), Dylan Shube will be working alongside these clubs in order to promote equality and diversity for all. Publicizing these events and clubs will motivate many students to pursue select interests they feel personally connected to.

Although COVID-19 has canceled several traditional activities and ways of participating at school, Dylan believes that online alternatives will still be significant in allowing students to become involved on campus. 

High school is only four years and is one of the greatest periods of growth people will face during their lives. It is necessary to take advantage of these years to pursue not only your passions but to find what kind of person you want to be in your future. 

Most importantly, students must feel safe to express their individuality while attending Yorba Linda High School. This new position will hopefully create a safer environment for students and inspire a greater message of acceptance and equality among all.