Club Rush at YLHS


Karina Shah

YLHS Self Care Clubs main instagram that will be used to promote self care throughout the student body.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

Each year at Yorba Linda High School, there is a major event called Club Rush. Club Rush is at the beginning of the year and is the way that the clubs introduce themselves to the students at Yorba Linda High School. This is also the place to sign up for the clubs! Usually, it consists of the club booths all lined up in the campus quad while the students walk around to see what the club entails and join if they are interested. 


This year, however, club rush is going to be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down the school. Though it is uncertain whether the school will be open during October, it is almost confirmed that club rush will be virtual. A virtual club rush is still going to entail all of the clubs presenting their goals, activities, and purpose. Some clubs that are currently at YLHS and will be participating in club rush are the Self Care Club, WE Club, Political and Social Activism Club, and Fashion Club. 


Self Care Club is a club that focuses on the physical and mental wellness of Yorba Linda High School’s Students. They hold activities that center around benefitting the human psyche and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some activities that they often hold are small crafts, guided meditation, and the club’s most participated activity, “Tea with Tea”. During “Tea with Tea” the club promotes talking about things that students are proud of or things that bother them, and in return, the rest of the members respond positively to what they have said. This, as well as the rest of the club, promotes a healthy soul and body for students during days of school that are often stressful. The club can be seen at their Instagram handle @selfcareclubylhs.


WE Club president, Bethany Nguyen (12), says that WE club is a club that has the purpose of “making differences by volunteering our time, individual efforts, and raising money for the less fortunate”. WE Club has a variety of goals. Some of the goals consist of raising money through collecting or fundraising for food/supplies that improve the lives of those who may not have basic supplies or necessities, helping children in impoverished or developing countries, and putting their effort into volunteering within the community. Some of the club’s plans for the upcoming year are providing a platform for online volunteering, using their social media to promote their club (@ylhsweclub on Instagram), and working with Free the Children and WE School’s organizations to make a difference locally and globally. 


Political and Social Activism Club is a nonpartisan club that seeks to encourage America’s youth to get involved as civic leaders. The club’s publicist, Camille Khong (10), says that “No matter who you are voting for or supporting this year, we believe in the importance of doing your part to shape the world around you.” For club rush, this year PSAC hopes to hear from great people eager to learn and/or discuss more about the government and political issues. Their plans for this year are having consistent meetings every other week. During meetings, they enjoy debates on a diverse amount of topics and discuss things that are happening in politics both locally and globally. The club promotes themselves through their Instagram page, @ylhspsac!


These clubs, along with many other clubs that are at Yorba Linda High School, have put in so much work into building themselves up with community and purpose. Make sure to check out the virtual club rush in October to participate in these amazing clubs!